Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In loving memory. . .

Become someone's "loving memory" :-)

Thanks for all you've done
I've missed you for so long
I can't believe you're gone
You still live in me
I feel you in the wind
You guide me constantly

This song was written by Mark Tremonti who wrote this song about his mother who passed away at the time of the recording and album release.  There is a special connection that people have with their parents. those who have had the good fortune to be raised by a loving parent or a set of loving parents or adults that acted as caregivers.  The lyrics of this song are beautiful in the way that they help to express the writer's feelings of pain and realisation that his world will be forever changed without his mother's presence.

I never knew what it was to be alone no
'Cause you were always there for me
You were always home waiting
And I'll come home and I miss your face so
Smiling down on me
I close my eyes to see

When I think about my own mother, she is always home.  She represents home.  When I see her I know that I'm home, because she always wants to be home waiting for us, her children.  This verse reminds me of a mother's love for her child, that once a woman has children, she sacrifices all that she has, puts herself aside in order to provide her children with the best steps forward in life, it's that maternal instinct that kicks in.  I love my mother's smile - so I love to make her laugh and smile often.

And I know you're a part of me
And it's your song that sets me free
I sing it while I feel I can't hold on
I sing tonight 'cause it comforts me 

I could spend the entire talking about what this song means for mothers, but the lyrics, when they are separated can also be interpreted to mean other things in other contexts.  I believe that your life is a song, the words that you say, the things that you do, that can be observed by others who look to you for inspiration, to be their muse (even when they least expect it themselves).  I think about how everyone has a need to be loved, to love and to know what comfort feels like in a sometimes unforgiving world that focuses so much on what it means to live in black and white, rather than celebrate the different shades and hues of colours that us more vibrant people/

I carry the things that remind me of you
In loving memory of
The one that was so true
You were as kind as you could be
And even though you're gone
You still the mean the world to me

What things do you carry that remind you of the best of who you love and admire?  Sometimes you don't know how much you mean to someone unless you explicitly say so.  Sometimes people find other ways to tell you that are not as explicit as you would like, but they will try to tell you in their own way how much you mean to them.  I often think that with understanding comes great knowledge that you can you use to arm you like a shield against the adversities that you will face in your journey.  It is the loving memory of what others have done to ensure that you are well equipped that you will recognise and treasure once you know how to use it wisely - the pearls of wisdom that only make sense when a situation calls for it.

I'm glad He set you free from sorrow
I'll still love you more tomorrow
And you will be here with me still

To be able to love someone more with each passing day, even when they are no longer a physical part of your life, is a very comforting thought for me.  How about you?  It tells me that there is no limit to the capacity of that love, no capped ceiling, no boundaries that can contain it.  As long as you have the capacity within your mind to remember someone, they will never be forgotten to you.  So we keep their memories alive by practising the activities and ways of doing things, we live by the advice and guidance that they leave behind.

I hope that I will always be able to do things, like live life with feeling.  There's no point in living the life that we want to live without doing so with feeling.  The exciting thing is knowing that those feelings are mixed - that constant intermingling of pain and heartbreak and disillusionment that is woven within the fabric of love, light and happiness; moving beyond the duality of what we have always known to more permutations of these in the different shades that we are only just coming to know as we move through the development stages of our lives.

And what you did you did with feeling
And you always found the meaning
And you always will
And you always will
And you always will. . . .