Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tapa'a. . .

This blog post is dedicated to anyone who is trying to quit smoking - PSA from Tiama'a!

I've written about Tiama'a in a previous blog post (see E le matalasi).  I note that people really like reading about the Samoan posts or read the Gagana Samoa page so this post is an effort to address the demand (according to Google analytics lol).

It is always difficult to put together a Samoan language post because nobody posts the lyrics online and there are no translations.  So I have to spend time listening to the tracks quite a few times (reminds me of the interview transcriptions I did for my BA (Hons) research in Anthropology - interviewing church ministers, transcribing their Samoan responses and then translating them into English!).  I guess more than anything I will attempt to post some more Samoan songs only for the pure fact that there aren't enough up online - so this is a good way of preserving the songs.  I welcome any corrections and the translations to the song lyrics - just add a comment at the bottom of the post and I will update them.  Sometimes when you translate lyrics into another language, it literally does get lost in translation, syntax is different and it loses the meaning and then it sounds better in the original language anyway :-)

If you have signed up to my blog, you will know that I have created a playlist of these songs on Spotify - under ManuScript and my name.  The problem with the Tiama'a songs on there is that the tracks have been given the wrong names.  So if you're responsible for labelling the songs - can you check for accuracy?  Because the Tapa'a track on there is not what is found on YouTube. . .

Talofa Samoa, ua ou sau e fa'amatala Greetings Samoa, I have come to explain
Le tapa'a - e aafia uma o tagata About smoking - that affects everyone
Ua ou faalogo atu, a o aofia le mamalu I have heard, with everyone present
Le tapa'a, tu'u ese ne'i mu lou fatu The cigarettes, put it away in case it burns your heart

Mo oe le lapata'iga, totoga ne'i afaina For you this warning, in case your organs are affected
Fa'ama'i o le cancer ua e iloaina You are aware of the cancer disease
Soli pala ia le tapa'a, toe faafou lou olaga Stomp out the cigarettes, and renew your life
Faasao o nai seleni na o aso le leaga Save your pennies for rainy days/ bad days

Liuliu - o se tofā Turn (transform) - your choice
O lo'u taofi e sili ona tu'u o le tapa'a - e le aogā My opinion is that you're better off giving up smoking - it is of no use
Tau ose mea, e iloa ai Just one thing, you should know
O lo'u alofa ma le aano moni ua ou sau ai My love and the honest truth is why I have come

Le tapa'a ua fai ma agaga, i le toatele o tupulaga Smoking cigarettes has become a past time, for the majority of youth
Ua pele iā ia o lea taumafa The consumption of it is precious to them
Mo'omia e le māmā, o si olaga oi lena The lungs hold it, it is a sufferable life
Fiafia fa'aali ile tagata ulaula Happy to show people who smoke

O le toatele o nisi, ne'i maua alu loa saili There are several others, who have it go in search
A leai, ua faatau mai ile aisi If there is nothing, they buy it by begging
O la'u lea faitioga, o le asu fo'i ia e o'ona My feedback is, the smoke itself is also poisonous
Tulelei, pe a tali mai ua uma Fighting, when the answer comes that it's finished

Uso e, e peleina, tumau la'u talaina Brothers, who are dear, my message remains
Le tapa'a - ia ta'ua sou faia'ina Smoking - your defeat must be stated
Ae le o le so'ona fai, le ioe ua malepe ai It is not the abuse of it, but affirming it that ruins it
Alu 'ese - ile tapa'a, ou te le auai ai Get away - from smoking cigarettes, I will not participate