Saturday, 20 June 2015

Moved by you. . .

This blog post is dedicated to one and all who move me.
Thanks for the painting +Shannon Vulu - you are a true artist :-)

I love the fragrance of your voice
You're the colour of Loyal
My favourite sound is your smile
I'm intoxicated with joyful

I don't know who you subscribe to - the higher being that you place all your faith in to make you understand your existence, the purpose of your life and who helps you realise your destiny on this earth.  But at this point of my life, this time, right here right now, there has never been a more overwhelming sense of gratitude and immense responsibility that has been juxtaposed in my life.  I have suffered tragedies that I know were destined before my birth and have been placed in my life to help me grow, to help me become a stronger and better-than-I-ever-dreamed individual for a greater collective.  I have felt that there have been people placed in my life who have been given sweet voices for me to hear, to show me their true colours of loyalty, to show me smiles that quickly turn to peals of laughter that get me drunk on the goodness in life.

I feel you on the bottom of my feet
The very blush in my cheek
I love the taste of the words you don't say
You're the very meaning of peace

I have conversations with You, mostly in my mind and I know that the thoughts that sometimes spill out of my mind seem tinged or inspired by the divine or I hear it in other people's conversations with me and I hear You speak through them, or through song.  Sometimes I will catch it in the glances that people give me in those conversations and I can surmise what they are thinking with the silence hanging in the air - something in their eyes can relay back to me the peace of mind that I search for in my world of "a beautiful chaos."

I am a ten thousand petal flower
Unfolding in this moment
I feel so vulnerable and so empowered
It's everything, it's nothing, it's perfect

When we are in a world where we constantly look to You for guidance, for signs that You exist and watch over us during our times of trials and triumphs, I am still grateful for everything, for nothing (just being) and for perfection.  I choose to look at everything as a lesson on the face of this earth and when I start to come to grips with a new lesson that I have learned, those petals on my flower start to unfold.  One of the greatest gifts anybody can give me - is something that they have made, that celebrates their talents and gifts.  I have received two more paintings from two other artists. I have had performances of songs dedicated to me, but no songs composed from fellow musicians - which is weird - considering I'm a musician!

This image below is of my wonderful friend +Shannon Vulu and the picture she painted for me last week entitled "A Beautiful Chaos" - a gift to me about my life.  She painted it while talking to me on the phone. Shannon explained to me that I am the flower that is surrounded by all of the drama caused by people and events that pulls me into different directions, but despite the full gamut of emotions that I run through - the anger, the sadness - I still remain strong and grow.

You're the eyes of a child
You're a horse running wild
You're the cracking open of a heart
You make me feel so alive
I am honoured to know the twinkle of your star

When I think about this verse, it makes me think about all of the beautiful things that I can feel and do in the world if I only copied Your example - to see things with innocent eyes and be cheerful even in the presence of ill will, to run free when I need to escape and revel in the freedom of being able to run far and wide before coming back home and even being a heart that has been cold and lonely and hard to keep open.  I see the twinkle of Your star in the eyes of people who care, in the smiles of people who show me genuine warmth.

I give thanks for my time upon the planet Earth
By all of your beauty 
I am so inspired
You love has baptised me by fire

I think it is only by being baptised in fire, feeling that pain that only comes with burning sensations - that you are able to rise from the ashes of the setbacks and tragedies in your life.  When I think about so many of the world's problems - the most recent being the tragic deaths of 9 church members in an iconic Charleston church in South Carolina - I think about the examples of the families of the deceased who are calling for peace, who are calling for forgiveness.  I cannot possibly fathom the loss of that depth, to have lives taken at the hands of an individual who was welcomed into a prayer meeting.  I can only say, that such tragedies inspire me to live the best possible life that helps to move others, as much as I have been moved by You. . . 

I am moved by you
Oh I am moved by you. . .