Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hopelessly coping. . .

This blog post is dedicated to anyone whose struggle is real. . . 

Forget about your name
And your reputation
Put down your occupation
And your education
I heard what you said
About it being complicated
It ain't simple either way
Yes, a dream will make you pay

Have someone challenged you on your occupation, education, basically how you live your life?  You will come across people in your life sometimes who make you think about things in a completely different way; they expand your mind and make you question everything you've ever believed in - in a single conversation.  Connecting with people comes with preconceived ideas about the assumptions and deep-seated beliefs that you might have about them - dependent of course on where you choose to group them.  Trying to make a dream come true, comes with sacrifices, struggle and perseverance that few of us rarely exercise unless we're in extreme circumstances that test our humanity.

Somebody out here counting on you
To break through somehow
Somebody out here counting on you
To break through somehow

Do you get tired of being the one that people count on?  There will be others who could help you but choose to pursue their own selfish endeavours or only come to you for help when they need you (for their own benefit, rather than for the greater good).  I think you couldn't survive life without those people, because they were placed in your life to teach you those lessons.  It's not the best thing to feel during those times, but a necessary evil, if you will.

Cause you don't even know it
Where you are going?
Or haven't you noticed
You're hopelessly coping

The chaos that kicks in the chorus is reflected with the drum and bass that accompanies the lyrics.  What does it mean to be hopelessly coping?  Can you imagine going through your day, your week, month, year, just going through the motions, paying attention to the minutia in your life that takes up your time and distracts you from what it is you actually want to do - why should be cope with being hopeless?  What or who systematically dismantles our inner brilliance and threatens to steal any hope that we carefully constructed?  We lose our child-like innocence as we age, see too much of the coldness that the world offers sometimes because everything becomes about money and business rather than people and generosity.

Settle, settle, settle down

Instead of running, running around
Settle, settle, settle down
Instead of running, running around
Settle, settle, settle down
Instead of running, running around

This section of the songs reminds me to stay focused and do the things only I can do.  Life can be full of distractions that force you to lose sight of what's important.  I've become increasingly aware of constructive connections taking precedence in my life.  The negative connections that may often cast a shadow across my pathway - I deal with on a case by case basis.  I mean, there's no point in letting your thoughts and actions running wild around in your mind, when your life calls for stillness and contemplative reflection.  This is probably why I hate it when people are so "busy", talking about what keeps them busy and stopping them from living their best lives.  At the end of the day - I strongly believe in creative solutions that aren't tied to excuses that people offer to mask the inadequacies that they've let form and solidify, replacing the niche where hope once stood.  This is where now where hopeless stands.

So why play it safe?

What you mean "just in case?"
Well of course you might fail
But that's what it takes
Can't run from the doubts
Either way you're gonna struggle
Look in the mirror and argue
Then tell yourself it ain't worth the trouble. . .

There's a balance that must be achieved here.
Talk to your inner self -
a) the carefree side that you don't let loose often enough because you work too hard,
b) the serious side that you probably use too much, it needs to calm down and have a break.

I hope that you think long and hard about what you do to cope with stress, pressures and chaotic situations that you obviously didn't create (unknowingly created but worst of all - those ones where it's symptomatic of your decision making) - how much longer will you go on hopelessly coping. . .