Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Future people. . .

There are some songs that you listen to because of just the way it grooves on your ears, particularly with the licks in the upper register of the lead guitar.  The introduction of this song is quite compelling for me, but it's when the lead vocal hits the first verse that you know that the song will be something special.  The background vocals are interesting in that they provide some harmonic contrast to the high pitched melody of the lead vocal with its distortion.  It's funny, the minim - crotchet - crotchet, dotted minim pattern hummed by the background vocals reminds me of the closing credits to Star Trek with its function of providing sound and no words.

Some want to see
those who've gone above
friends that they've lost
I'd rather meet the me
on down the road
to lead me through the fog
wouldn't ask for more

Do you find yourself living in the past and thinking constantly about things that are no longer in your control - because time has passed and you can't relive those moments?  Would you rather find yourself down the road ready to ambush yourself in the not too distant future?  This track Future People is new music from the band Alabama Shakes released in April.  The unique sound of the lead singer dances quite happily along the soundwaves that resonate towards my ears.

Children take or leave it
come people you got to go deeper
give a little, get a little
and see it
like future you people

We sometimes take things too literally and barely scratch beneath the surface.  How can we prepare for our future if we are only fixated on the past and not fully allowing ourselves to see our abilities now that could lead to a future?  You need to give a little of yourself, be willing to be vulnerable to a certain extent, to know that you have feelings and to also know that anything worth exploring and worth investing in - means that we have tough decisions to make.  We don't know if the decisions that we make on a daily basis is the right course of action until we really take into consideration why we do the things we do and what helps to inform those decision-making processes.

Some things could be
seen from above
thread of design 
don't trip me up

So really we won't get to see anything or really gain any clarity until we leave where we are.  We may not necessarily have any input into how the scene plays out, especially when those little scenes added together contribute to the direction in which you are heading.  At times you don't see what you're doing or don't understand what it is until you can see yourself from a different vantage point.  I wonder sometimes whether we would do half of the things that we would do if we could see ourselves doing them.  Why do we blame others for tripping us up when we should actually admit that we trip ourselves up from time to time?

Listen to teacher 
imagine the sound
and listen loud and then
you'll reach the top. . .

I hope that you take the opportunities to observe who serve as teachers in your life, the ones who you least expect, the conscience that maybe even lies in yourself or the face staring back at you in the mirror.  I hope that you develop the ears to hear what you need to understand, heck I'm still developing that myself - but rather than rely on the sounds that are loud and external, I need to learn to trust the voice within and think about how I can reach the top of my game, without having to compromise anything, sacrifice nothing, hold onto everything. . .