Monday, 15 June 2015

Fun. . .

Fun is a track by NZ based band Tribal State.  I met the lead singer, songwriter and lead guitarist @levisesega briefly in Samoa over the Christmas holidays last year but hadn't come across his music or his band.  It's always good to showcase homegrown music and having eclectic taste, I'm fascinated with singer songwriters regardless of genre.

Every day I raise my glass 
And call a toast to myself 
For being alive and being alone
I light a smoke 
Each one for every mistake that I've made
I fill up my glass 
I'm drinking alone
But I must say 

Do you have that cynical nature about you sometimes?  Particularly when you are most likely feeling at your lowest but you disguise this in a drunken stupor, while having fun?  That careless abandonment and being oblivious to how you are acting in front of others - that type of fun that borders on the point of recklessness; there's almost a complete sense of freedom that you can't find anywhere else.  But would you engage in the type of fun that would willingly hurt others?  But more importantly harm yourself?

I'm having fun
Fun, fun, 
I'm having fun
I'm having fun

The lead guitar features quite prominently in the opening introduction with its distinctive melodic motif before the rhythmic guitar sustains the momentum during the verses, before being joined by the drums in the chorus.  The harmonic structure of the key that is used is in direct opposition to the happy nature that appears in the chorus.  I like contrasts and awkward juxtapositions like this in music.

Scull it back
This moment I would like to keep
The sky is black
Oh I'll try to never fall asleep
I'll filter out 
My thoughts of how you disappeared
Without a doubt 
Oh I made you up cos you weren't here

The second verse features a vocal harmony that explores the melody further with this added vocal texture, heightens the angst from the lead singer.  It almost feels as if the illusion of thinking that he had dreamed of you, but you weren't even there to begin with - do you imagine things and conjure up pretend figures that never exist on a regular basis?  You have to be careful about how much you try to drink to forget - because no matter how much you think you're having fun, you might actually be having the opposite. . .

It's so easy to end up alone
It's so easy to end up alone

The bridge offers the listener a different melodic framework that is underpinned by the countermelody in the background overlaid by the chorus.  The key change appears at just the right time to elevate the tension of the song before the final chorus hits.  It almost seems as if the bridge reveals a realisation here that the lead singer is finally alone.  Did you recognise the destructive pathway you took to end up here alone?  Can you retrace your steps?  Would  you even want to?

Oh fun, fun
I 'm having fun'
I'm having fun yeey. . . 

I hope that you think about the fun that you're having.
Will it last forever?  Or only until what you're sculling back starts to disappear?
It's easy to find people to have fun with so enjoy it while it lasts . . .