Saturday, 20 June 2015

E Melody. . .

This blog post is dedicated to everyone who is crafting their own melodies on the daily yo :-)
Another one for you +Monique Simpson 

I have written blog posts about Emily King before (see Georgia, Distance, Walk in my shoes and Colorblind).  There's something about her voice that appeals to me and each of her songs is distinctive enough to show off her vocal prowess.  The thing I love about this song is that she cleverly sings short snippets of a wordless melody so that you know that this melodic motif will recur throughout the song in some shape or form.  Her vocal harmonies complement these melodic motifs and add some textural density and become part of the call and response nature of the song with the various vocal layers.

All these questions running through
Where to turn what's the truth?
Even in a crowded room I find myself alone
All the pressure it's hard to see
Live on stage starring me
And my life is like a movie, everyday's a scene

How do you deal with pressure?  I've witnessed people deal with pressure in many different ways.  It's interesting to watch because there are so many positive ways to deal with pressure - but I've mostly seen negative experiences because they weren't able to create what I would call a 'resilience plan' to know how to counter the 'pressure triggers' that are significant to them.  Everyone stresses about different things so you need to be able to know yourself extremely well to know the symptoms of pressure building before you explode.  So how do you escape from your life that now resembles some B grade horror movie and you look like you're the first person that usually gets killed in the opening scene?

I have my days they come and go
My ups and down they help me grow
I'm learning how to play the game
You're as good as your word and your name
When friends come over bringing smiles
Then all this work is worth the while
When all is said the day is done
The main concern is having fun!

It's important to let off some steam, cut loose, surround yourself with people who know that you need to play hard, just as much as you work hard.  It can be extremely tiresome trying to play the game, because it requires more effort in a pointless exercise (especially if you're forced to play the game against your will and there was no point in the game starting in the first place), but someone always has to win, even when it's not a competition; someone always has to be right, someone has to be wrong.  I say put all of that behind and go enjoy life for a while. Someone reminded me to "smell the roses" more often, because being busy steals precious time away from your priorities.

It's so deep I get lost between the strings
And I create a world of music far as the eye can see
So true what a song can get you through
It's like a love that's new that's feeling good to you
Oh yeah!

If you're not a musician, you can still relate to this analogy.  Find what makes you tick creatively and go with that, creating something that will keep you centred and focused on the healing that you might need. This bridge speaks to me about the newness of things that you can attract into your life, new beginnings, a new love, a new way of thinking that you can develop to become more resilient.  Sometimes you can't do any of these things without losing yourself between the strings.  Everyone's strings are different and can last for different periods of time - but once we get lost, we need to refrain from being in a state of panic and gain our bearings about our surroundings - and figure out a way forward, a way ahead - because thought it doesn't like it right now - there is always a way out of the dark. Trust yourself to know how to get yourself out of there.

And everything brings E Melody
Yes, everything brings E Melody. . . 

I hope that you find the strength, courage and wisdom to create melodies that you will inspire yourself, even when you are lonely or going through difficult times.  If you can't surround yourself with reliable friends and loved ones to carry you through your stressful times, find people who can be there for you, who know and understand how to support you in a way that lets you know - you are loved, you are important and that you are an important part of this world.  Even when you haven't realised it yet.  You will soon see that everything will bring you your own melody, your own song that we will marvel at, enjoy and appreciate for many more years to come. . .