Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bliss. . .

Bliss is boring (bliss in second place)
Like your kiss in the morning (every second I had to waste)
And now my life lies before me (I see, I see)
And my eyes are bleeding

When you start to view bliss to be as boring as someone's kiss in the morning, it should be an indication that in fact, life is not full of bliss but that in fact, you are not satisfied with the life that you now lead and the pain of how you're feeling inside is so traumatic (or potentially so) that it causes internal bleeding from your insides that secretes from your eyeballs (man, that has to be painful).  If you have regrets about your current situation, then you must understand that it was the choices in your past that have lead you to this place that you now find yourself.  This is why making decisions is so important - because we have the power (to some extent) to dictate the path in life that we choose (how hard are you willing to work for it?).  I mean you can't go on hating and blaming other people for your problems.  That blame game gets tired if that's the only way you choose to play life. . .

Dreams now denied (dreams now going to waste)
As I blink it passes by (automatic change of fate)
And now I'm living in a lie (I breathe, I breathe)
And my thoughts are peeling (consider this, consider this)

What dreams did you have that you chose to give up?  I know that sounds harsh, but as much as we try to paint ourselves as victims of circumstances, we ultimately have choices that we can make.  The unintended consequences that stemmed from poor decision making - now that's the reason you need to practise making more informed decisions.  You have to have some kind of plan to minimise bad choice.  I mean, in life, there are difficult choices to make and stand by - because you might end up hurting those closest to you, unintentionally, intentionally.  When we start living in a lie, we start to construct walls that we control (one of the few things that we can) about how much living in that lie truly affects us.

Consider now to fucking stand 
Stand your ground
Surrounded by sound
Of your own beliefs and your own creation
And I know
To know yourself
Scream out loud
Give yourself
Consideration . . . . like now

When will you start to think about yourself?  I don't mean in a selfish way (well, maybe I do, particularly if you're the type of person that constantly puts other people's needs before your own), but you need to be able to recognise that you must trust and listen to yourself for once - rather than relying on the opinions of others, trying to make other people happy (particularly if it comes at the expense of your own happiness).  It can get extremely tiring, even burdensome, when other people look to you to fulfil their happiness, to make them feel better about themselves - I mean, is that even a job?  I hope you scream out loud often - there are creative ways of doing this of course (I'll leave that to your imagination!) but I mean, sincerely, that being able to have your voice heard, so that your loud scream can be heard over the din of other people's incessant and unnecessary chatter - I hope you get to prioritise yourself for a change before you reach breaking point.

I think it's about time we try and speak our minds
About the things we are too scared to press on
It's time to take the blame, it's how we play the game
With a little bit of love and some aggression
Bring the enemies down, unto the permanent ground
Gather around, I'm gonna light you on fire
Let's all face our fears, evaporate our tears
Because it's in the way of us moving on 
Moving on, moving on, moving on. . . oh. . .  

Musically speaking, the sense of urgency in the bridge makes me think about how action needs to take place.  Not being able to confront issues and problems that you're too scared to address - only makes it worse in the long run (but I guess that depends on your reasons to be scared - what are you afraid to lose when you have everything to gain?).  Who or what are the enemies in your life?  Are they the same enemies that you've always had or have they changed over time?  Have some new enemies surfaced that you didn't realise were on the rise?

If you don't think about yourself often enough, when you don't think about the dreams that you have and don't work to fulfil them or stand up for yourself when you need to - then you won't get to experience the bliss that you deserve. I hope you consider this. . . 

Now give yourself consideration
Now give yourself consideration. . .