Saturday, 30 May 2015

Who are you stamping your foot for?. . .

NZ Music month - Who are you stamping your foot for? by The Datsuns

A tribute to John Campbell and the Campbell Live! crew.
Thanks for keeping Aotearoa honest and giving us a bit of kiwi :-)

I first became acquainted with The Datsuns when I heard Harmonic Generator in 2002.  I like their music because it's high energy and something that you can lose yourself in, when you want to get lost and hide away from your current reaily.  They also featured as one of the honourable mentions in the For Today musical written by Hamish Arthur.  

It's time we got this whole thing straight
A message loud and clear
Overheat in misbelief
It's time we got this whole thing straight
A message loud and clear
Overheat in misbelief
I have to be sincere

Having difficult conversations are always. . . difficult.  But there are ways of avoiding having to have difficult conversations - and this is by making sure that you are sincere from the get-go.  You're probably asking, well what can you do if you can't be sincere. because either:
a) you being sincere means you'll hurt someone's feelings
b) you being sincere will be misconstrued as criticism that isn't constructive
c) you being sincere means that it will make future conversations impossible to have or
d) most likely all of the above.

Sometimes a message that needs to be loud and clear is best delivered softly, but still clearly.

They wanna put you in a celluloid
You look much better as a cartoon. . .  boy
You're a fool for easy romance
Head over heels given half a chance so

Caricatures of politicians are always funny aren't they?  I sometimes think that they do look better as cartoons because half (well most, if we're honest) of what they say is actually not reflected in what they actually do.  Cartoons are in fact the best ways of depicting this (apart from memes on Facebook or Twitter).  Have we been fooled for an easy romance?  I feel that we always are when we are being 'wooed' for our all-important votes come election time.  Campaign time is pretty much like speed dating.  The rules are there to make sure that everyone has their chance in the spotlight and have a turn around the room, but you don't really get a sense of what's really happening until you fall for the easy charm, the bright eyes and engaging smiles before the promises start to loosen and the dates start to show more of an insight into the horrible choice of date partner - or political party.

With shaking hands you twist your fist
Your throat is screaming raw
So simmer down
Your scowl your frown
Who are you stamping your foot for?

I know that behind closed doors, the TV show Campbell Live would have been the bane of every politician's existence in this country.  John Campbell was no fool, but he was definitely (along with the rest of his reporters) not afraid to rush in where angels feared to tread.  I think the 'common man' had a little piece of themselves die last week when we said farewell to seeing John on our screens.  His integrity and compassion have been unsurpassed.  To have your TV programme removed from air, because you choose to challenge the current government, shows me that we're not that far removed from creating our very own FOX network in Aotearoa.

Who are you stamping your foot for?
Can't you see you're just dragging us down
Who are you stamping your foot for?
You better get in line cause we're running out of time again

In your final months leading up to the end of your show, Aotearoa rallied around you.  The excuse that your ratings were responsible for the decision to remove your show, soon fell by the roadside as more and more information came to light that it was not the case.  You were just doing your job.

I hope that you will continue to shine wherever your career takes you next.
Aotearoa and her people must learn to stamp our feet a bit louder and a bit longer next time.
I hope we never have to get in line or that we never run out of time.
There is always hope and time for us, if we choose to stamp our feet together.

Thanks for the memories Mr. Campbell.  
Ka kite ano xx