Friday, 29 May 2015

White lines. . .

NZ Music month - White lines by Six60

This is also a tribute to Niulevaea Leao Faga Mafoe

Laid to rest today :-(

I've written a blog post about Six60 before (see Don't forget your roots).  The past couple of weeks have been a bit hectic but I understand it's nothing more than the usual when it comes to what life has on offer - some new surprises, new challenges, new resolutions and new occurrences (particularly the impromptu and unplanned ones being the best!).

When I think about you Niu, I think about playing trumpet in the church brass band and hearing you play on the snare drum.  We shared a few jokes here and there.  I always found it easy to talk to you.  It was the easy way that you were with people that I will remember most of all.  You were a peacemaker and didn't really kick up a fuss about anything.  Of course this could be misconstrued as being weak, but you weren't weak.  If anything, your silence taught me that sometimes to be a strong leader, it requires the greatest self-control to not say anything.

Oh no
The love, the hate
Don't hate this ain't no ordinary life
We give, we take
This ain't no temporary high
The rise, the fall
This shit is messing with my mind
I'm up, the wall
Now I'm running for the lights
You're uh, I'm on, do this every night
It's right, it's wrong, do this every single time
Oh f*** it, it's on,  I just wanna touch the sky
Cos now I see the. . . 

You know what I love about life?  It's never boring.  It's never boring because guaranteed - there are always people and things around to make it exciting but most of all, it's what you put into your own life that makes all the difference in the world.

I'm a huge believer that what you put out into the world comes back to you tenfold, even a hundredfold.  I've been enjoying spending time with people who give me so much, who add value to my life and make all the dark and shade bearable, who weather through my storms (some have even driven through them when I expected to be left alone and set adrift).

So far so good
I'm mad, that's just something that I like
Before I die, I'm just tryna live my life
Say yes, say no, but you don't have to ask me twice
I'm in, my zone you know
I want the feeling
Like I'm breaking through the ceiling
And I just wanna touch the sky yeah
Cos now I see the. . . 

When you are on a journey of self-discovery, one quickly discovers that it is a lonely journey.
I think you need to relish those times that you are alone in this space, in this time.
You need to embrace that opportunity to do some future-proofing, to seriously consider and think about how you want to make the most out of your life, because we only have one life to live.

I think I've probably been more mad at myself in many situations that I've been in, because I think that I haven't made the right choice, I let an opportunity to speak my mind pass me by or I let someone hurt me and didn't realise it until it was too late.  I think it's important to have as many breakthrough moments as possible.  I've always relished those 'glass elevator' moments like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where I exceed my own expectations for myself and smash through the ceiling.

White line and blue skies
Who told you that we can't fly?
White line all the time
Who told you that we can't fly?

I hope that you fly high Niu.
Thanks for being a quiet presence in my life and for teaching me what being still means.
Even though sickness pervaded the final years of your life, your patience, extreme love for your family and your church will be cherished forever.

Manuia lou malaga Niu xx
Soldier you can fly. . .