Thursday, 7 May 2015

Waka. . .

NZ Music Month - Waka by Che Fu

This track is a song request from +Rochelle Savage 

Che Fu featured quite heavily in my early college/university years with the release of his solo debut album 2BSpacific followed by Navigator.  I loved listening to his music, I liked his groove - it was uniquely urban Pacific in that it incorporated elements of Pacific music (such as the use of Cook Island drums in this track right here) and hip hop.  It is rare to find a rapper who can also sing well, so Che Fu ticks all the boxes for me in this respect.

Seldom the wind blows thoughts of refrain
As long as I'm nimble I'll locate your name
It powers my shield whilst I'm on my way
This love is simple nourishment for the soul
Distance will strengthen until it's you I hold
Make yourself seen in my heart until you're home

When you are on an epic journey or voyage somewhere far away from home, it is the thought of your special someone or a loved one who will sustain you, keeps the wind in your sails and helps you to keep going in the face of struggle, adversity and challenging situations.  I imagine that this must have been the same for all soldiers who have fought in war and have left their families to do so, to fight in a greater cause bigger than themselves in the name of freedom.  It is easy to forget how much you matter to someone until it is time for you to leave them.

Verbalise how I feel when I'm with you
Centralise all energy till I get through 
Till I get through, till I get through, till I get through

Is it easy for you to verbalise how you feel?  For some people there is a time and a place when the verbalisation of feelings should take place, and others who will never let what they really feel see the light of day.  Whichever way you choose to articulate your feelings, it should be enough that you are able to get through, to get through what you need to do - nothing more and nothing less.  It can be extremely frustrating when people try to infer meaning from nothing, or try to create something from nothing.  What is the purpose of such an exercise?  Does this help anybody in the long run?  Why raise such questions at all? 

Mission near over goal is coming through
Can I see her until I break the news
Make yourself seen in your heart until I'm through

How often do you spend time making peace with yourself before you can make peace with others?
I strongly encourage that you do that - it's a wonderful learning experience, teaching you about how to "be" with people.  I'm not talking you trying to be somebody you're not.  Far from it.  I'm talking about being comfortable enough in your own skin - to "be" the "real you" so that whoever looks at you knows that you "are" real.  

Moons will come and moons will go
Still there is you and I
Moons will come and moons will go
Still there is you and I

Whatever life decides to through at you - to test relationships and friendships, partnerships and dealerships - that whatever ship (or waka) that we find ourselves on - that we can navigate with the best crew possible.

I hope that even though many moons will come and go in this lifetime, no matter how much we brave ourselves against the harsh conditions that come with a life on the ocean in our waka, that we will remain, you and I . . .