Sunday, 31 May 2015

Waiting for your time to come. . .

NZ Music month - Waiting for your time to come by The Datsuns

I have about six blog posts left to write to meet my own internal deadline (the biggest competitor is yourself, remember that folks), so if I can beat that, it would be a sense of personal achievement.  I'm also going to give myself an extra day as well, because in the southern hemisphere, it is now already 1st June.  But I'm sure you'll forgive me that, as long as I can meet this deadline!

The opening bars are reminiscent of some 60s psychedelic rock song or some 70s rock anthem.  The lead vocals are hypnotic.  And  I'm not talking about the electric guitar wailing in the instrumental interludes. 

You got your war on science and your dusty roads
Reverse logic tricks and shadows
Morbid fascination with other people's souls
Like watching cars crash, your false bravado

I know a few people who have a morbid fascination with other people's souls.  They're really interested in what makes other people tick, spend most of the time in conversations deeply engrossed, listening to what you're saying, taking note of what your soul looks like.  You can tell they're even thinking about how your soul would taste.  That's how fascinated they are.  The thought is chilling in itself and makes you squirm.  I did just then when I typed that last sentence.

Do you exhibit false bravado during a car crash?  I mean you could if you knew that the cars would crash and then mentally prepare yourself to be the hero and save other people at the crash site.  The idea sounds totally ludicrous by every B grade movies I've seen late on a Sunday night when I'm not reading a book has told me this is so.

Pick up pieces of velvet till you feel sated
Beats and treats on the concrete streets
Well I guess I've never been baited oh so

The thing about being baited, you never you have been until it's too late.
Then a series of automatic facepalm moments follow in quick succession as you start to piece things together when you pick up those pieces of velvet.  The only other time I've seen pennies drop so much as if they fell from heaven, would've been watching the revelation scene in The Usual Suspects.  Nobody suspected Vernon.  The perceived weakest link was in the fact, the strongest of all.

You try to rewrite history 
And add your own little mystery
You're still waiting for your time to come
You're still waiting for your time to come

The bet things would be to add your own little mystery/
Be yourself and don't worry too much about what's going on around you.  
I mean if you worry far more than the people who should be worried  - why worry?
In the meantime, while you're waiting for you time to come, enjoy playing out those little mysteries. so that when the time finally does come, you're ready to add your own little mystery. . .