Saturday, 30 May 2015

Violent. . .

NZ Music month - Violent by Stellar*

Boh Runga the lead singer of band Stellar, is also the older sister of Bic Runga and Pearl Runga, musicians in their own right.  I have written about her sister Bic Runga in previous blog posts (see Bursting Through).  She has her own website and has turned her creative energies to fashion, while still writing songs.

Pretty violent
Runners up in a casualty
Lost all common sense
Both parties call victory
One delusional then there's me

Are you a person that has a lot of enemies?  Let's do an exercise (bear with me here).  Make a list on a piece of paper of all of your enemies.  It might be easy for you to write this list or not.  It depends on how much thinking about people that don't like you, takes up a lot of your time.  

Once you've completed this list, start ranking them.  Aim for a top 10 list.  Of course to cull this list (if you happen to have more than 10 enemies) you would need to write down reasons next to their names, explaining why they are your enemy.  Did they wrong you in some way?  Like, really wrong you genuinely?  Did they stop you from getting what you wanted or thought you deserved?  Did they hurt you in some way like - you were in a relationship with them and then it ended badly?  Did they say something that you can't possibly forgive?  

Pretty violent
Making up with an I.O.U.
Could have circumvent 
From a passerby point of view
What's a carnivore spose to do

You're probably wondering - where you are taking me with this exercise?  
I think I'm interested in trying to rationalise why people would hate other people.  Of course, human choice is a huge factor - it isn't possible for all of us to just get along, that seems naive and unrealistic.  But I am a huge fan of not creating enemies either.  Not in a way that becomes an intention or for any reasons that seems ridiculous.  But that begs the question - what constitutes a ridiculous reason for making someone your enemy?

You're making me violent but why
Your nihilistic tendencies are
Making me violent you're nihilistic

I learned about the word 'nihilism' in school.  My Latin teacher taught me that the Latin word 'nihil' means 'nothing'.  The definition for nihilistic refers to someone who rejects all moral or religious principles and thinks that life is meaningless.

This made me think some more about what would force you to the point of being violent (if this is what the song suggests) - you would be violent because you knew someone who has rejected moral or religious principles and thinks life is meaningless?

I don't know about you, but I probably wouldn't become violent, but probably sit and have a conversation with them about why they would think life is meaningless.  I mean. life is all about making sense of things so life should have meaning. Everything around us has a meaning, it should all be imbued with meaning - there are just some things that we don't understand - but it doesn't mean that it doesn't have meaning.

Living in harmony
I want you honestly
Living in spite of me. . . 

I hope that someone would sit me down and have a chat if I started talking about life having no meaning.  If I started thinking that life no longer held meaning for me, I would see it as my purpose for living having been fulfilled.  But this doesn't mean that I would no longer want to live.  It would just mean that I would be happy and content with what my life has held. . .