Sunday, 17 May 2015

Verona. . .

NZ Music Month - Verona by Elemenop

When I first started university (college) I remember a kiwi band coming out of Auckland university that regularly played during orientation week.  No the band wasn't Elemenop, it was Tadpole but both bands had a similar sound although Tadpole broke up in 2006 while Elemenop continued to produce work at that time.  This track Verona has a special place in my heart, because it featured in that kiwi high school musical For Today written by Hamish Arthur.  

When I saw you in Verona
You sat down, I moved over
Pretty people but all I saw was you
And yes it's you I'm rating
Forget the boy you're dating
In my opinion he isn't right for you

Have you ever been in this situation?  You met someone and like it does in those movie scenes where everyone else fades into the distance, time seems to slow down and if a chorus of angels aren't singing then there's definitely some spotlight action shining on the halo of the object of your affections.  Girls will tell you, that guys will never tell you outright that they think someone that you're seeing is no good for you.  They will have these types of conversations in their minds or with other guys to make some sense about a plan to proceed to win your affections.                          

And as everything goes as planned
I'd be proud to be your man
I promise to treat you well
Head over heels in love I fell

I'm a huge fan of songs that tell stories and all of sudden in the second verse - an action plan has kicked in and you are now the new man (replacing the totally unsuitable boyfriend she was dating) and you're on the road to happiness, losing your balance, being clumsy with your heart by falling in love, head over heels love (that's the serious kind).

She likes listening to punk rock
Melancholic in the black frock
And she smiles when she sees me
Intoxicated by her company
Splendid lady, lazy Sunday afternoon
Good fortune at the bar
Verona, Verona

I can't help but think that the style of the song is purposefully written as punk because it's what she likes listening to (well, that's if she is a real person and not just a subject of a song).  Guys need that reassurance - that you reciprocate feelings with a smile, they notice things like that, actions, more so than words.  It's a heady experience being intoxicated by someone's company.  I have experienced it a few times myself but it's always more fun to watch it when it happens to others.  That level of intoxication that you experience when you are near someone that you obviously have romantic feelings for (or the more physical desire side of things if you will) - is really hard to mask and hide.  It's like a super heightened level of awareness that I have seen in people's eyes, the way that they watch other people when they don't realise that everyone can see.  It's fascinating to watch (but that's probably just me and my warped sense of what I find entertaining. . . ).

And I remember feeling tongue tied
As I tried to say goodbye
I was ready to fall in love with you

The funny thing is - it doesn't matter how old you get, that feeling of being tongue-tied happens all the time (even in non-romantic, purely platonic situations).  This is because people are too preoccupied and worried about how others perceive them and being labelled - when they should just be themselves.  If we revert back to the romantic intention of this song - and put yourself in his shoes - have you been ready to fall in love with someone?  The trick (well not really a trick, but more like a challenge I guess) is the timing. You might be ready to fall in love, but she might not be.  Would you be prepared for whatever response she came up with - if she was ready to fall with you or would she pull herself back from the precipice of falling to save herself?

Now that everything's gone to plan
I'm proud to be your man
Your beauty lights up my world
This is how I met my girl. . . 

Everyone will have their stories of love and how they met their girl/guy.
If you have yet to meet her/him - don't worry. He/she will be sitting in your very own Verona very soon. . . making everyone else fade into the background :-)