Saturday, 16 May 2015

Today, tomorrow, Timaru. . .

NZ Music Month - Today. tomorrow, Timaru by Deja Voodoo

This track is a song request from +Rochelle Savage 

I'm not familiar with the musical stylings of Deja Voodoo, but I really love this song.  It was released in 2004 as part of their debut album and it was meant to be seen as a series of "beer anthem" recordings.  It's also meant to be a catchy song (not just with the clever alliteration in the title of course) but the music video itself is quite funny with the placenames mentioned in the song.  The song makes me smile and appeals to my sense of appreciation, when songs are silly and meant to take your mind off the serious things in life, that threaten to overwhelm you and consume your time and energy.  The fact too that the song makes light of a relationship breakup/breakdown with a highly rhythmic quaver strumming pattern in the guitar, followed up later in the piece with the obligatory lead guitar solo (it's just not kiwi without an instrumental interlude I tell ya).

I've been thinking about leaving this town 
Saying goodbye to Caroline Bay
Since you left me how can I be happy here
I've gotta go away
So I get in my car pointing north
Heading straight up state highway one
Maybe tomorrow I'll come round but for now I'm leaving town

Isn't that a typical half-assed approach though?  Threatening to leave town because staying in it makes you unhappy to see all the places that would remind you of the relationship breakup so a change of scene or a trip up the state highway one seems to be the solution (but on the flip side the half-assed part could also mean leaving town but knowing that eventually you'll come around and struggle to get through life on your own).

Pack up the kids pack up the car pack up my dreams I'm leaving you
Say goodbye to Timaru Caroline Bay radio Caroline
Today tomorrow Timaru
That's where I left you

Have you ever felt that way?  Conceding that after everything you will have tried, you might need to give up something or someone.  It's a bitter lesson to learn, but a lesson that must be learned nonetheless.  The rhythmic drive in the music doesn't quite fit the heartbroken sentiment of the lyrics - but I guess it works itself in the sense that the momentum of the rhythmic drive helps to propel the singer forward in his effort to move on.  It can often be the case that when someone breaks your heart (whether on purpose or purely by accident) the only viable solution left is for you to lick your wounds and move on from that physical place so that you can start to heal.

Washdyke Temuka Dunsandel Rolleston Templeton Hornby Rakaia
I've been thinking about leaving this town
Saying goodbye to Caroline Bay
Since you left me how can I be happy here
Today tomorrow Timaru. . . 

I hope that when it comes time for you to bid goodbye to people and things in your life, at certain points that suddenly come to reveal themselves to you when you least expect it - that you embrace those changes because they are necessary.  Just because someone breaks your heart, it doesn't mean that you stop giving love to others or finding yourself in a situation to love again and then not throwing yourself into that - it just means that you need to love more carefully, proceed in love with caution until you can take the training wheels off again and speed merrily along your way.

I hope that you will one day be able to move on from your very own today tomorrow Timaru. . .