Sunday, 31 May 2015

Stuck here for days. . .

NZ Music month - Stuck here for days by The Datsuns

I have a couple more tracks to feature from The Datsuns as we wind down the last day of NZ Music month. I haven't really listened to their music properly, but in the past week, I've been feeling their sound, digging the vibes.  This track has a real bluesy feel to it in the opening bars that I find appealing.  The lead guitar solo reminds me of some country solos that I normally hear featured (just has fiddles missing).  

Hours of small talk, blackboards and chalk
Till the dust it settles down
Miles upon miles of red tape to walk upon
To walk home, I'll be back soon. . . 

What do you with meaningless talk, having to listen to one person speak the whole time, or the same dominant group of people speak?  You learn the rules of engagement (or disengagement) pretty quickly.  The first instinct is to leave and escape from such a situation - but what if you can't?  Do you have any strategies for coping with having to stay?  Do you travel somewhere in your mind where nobody can see you until you get asked to contribute and then you come back 'home' to turn the lights on to show that somebody is home?

But not a second too soon
I'll be back soon
There's not a second to lose
Oh no


We forget the times when we need to develop or at least unleash that sense of urgency when it is required the most. Getting the riming exactly right on your next steps or next course is critical.  You move too soon and it ruins everything.  You move too late and it ruins everything.  It takes skills and practice to get the timing right on anything that you set your mind to.  Of course you can't account for the odd hiccups and surprises along the way.  But you would need to be skilled at managing those disruptions as much as possible.   

I've been stuck here for days
Well it's all business
Regarding money problems, wealth and fame
It's been said before please don't get the wrong idea
I ain't complaining. . . 

I hope that you don't stuck for too long. It's ok to be stuck in a rut, it's supposed to allow you the opportunity to think, strategise and take stock of where you've come from, where you are and where you plan to go.  So push all of those worries, stress and issues aside.  Be mindful of other things that you have that don't warrant the complaining.  And if you can, as much as possible, minimise contact with those people who spend far too much time complaining. . .