Monday, 25 May 2015

Something so strong. . .

NZ Music month - Something so strong by Crowded House

Crowded House, although technically claimed by the Australians (majority rules I guess) had a loveable Kiwi in the mix with our very own Neil Finn.  I remember learning their songs in high school during junior music classes, their music was catchy, great to learn on the guitar and my friends and I loved playing around with the harmonies.  Nyssa Collins did a fantastic rendition of Don't dream it's over on the New Zealand X Factor a few weeks ago.  I think I'll be featuring a few of their songs later in the year as well.

Love can make you weep, it can make you run for cover
Roots that spread so deep, bring life to frozen ground

When love starts to take root or change something that was once frozen, slowly bringing it to life - it's only natural that you should run for cover.  Love comes to those who least expect (rather than to those who wait).  All of those romantic films will have you believe that chance happenings precipitate events, create a chain of events that lead to a situation that reawakens you, awakens your sense and forces you to face some pretty scary truths - that you can't control people's feelings, that love is out there like some maniac ready to pounce on you and shock you to your very core (ha funny, I just thought of the Latin cor - meaning heart) and isn't that where all the trouble starts?  When your heart starts to act separately from your mind.  Man I hate that sometimes. . .

Turning in my sleep, love can leave you cold
The taste of jealousy, is like a lust for gold

Ah the other emotion that lives in probably the next chamber within your heart - jealousy.
Whoever said jealousy is a green-eyed monster didn't count on jealousy being an emotion that everyone, irrespective of what colour eyes they have - experience jealousy on some level.

That cat-and-mouse game that happens when you want to make someone else jealous - to vie for your affections (man that's is sooooo adolescent) but this type of behaviour sadly continues into adulthood.  Have you ever tried to make someone else jealous?  Did it work?  Has someone tried to make you jealous?  I've never really been the jealous type.  When people have tried, I ended up laughing thinking it was quite funny and they ended up being more upset.  I find the jealousy as a tactic - immature and irrelevant.

(I've been) feeling so much older
(Frame me) and hang me on the wall
(I've seen) you fall into the same trap
(This thing) is happening to us all

It's always interesting being an observer on the sidelines in situations where you can see something crash and burn.  It's like a car accident or some disaster in slow motion that you're powerless to stop but you can't tear your eyes away from it and you're compelled to sit there and watch it all unfold, unravel, do the unthinkable in front of your eyes.

Do you play it safe in love or other relationships that aren't. . quite. . love?  I've seen relationships or connections where couples are in their own little bubble, so wrapped up that they don't see the onlookers watch them and admire (some in envy and others with appreciation).

Something so strong could carry us away
Something so strong could carry us away

Carry us away. . . where are we going?
I think about some couple being in a bubble together, drifting away to some Disney-inspired land that nobody has ever been to, or some foreign county pretending to be tourists and being oblivious to the goings-on of the real world and just enjoying each other's company.

It's the "away" part that niggles at me I guess.
Do you need to get carried away - what are you being taken away from?
Can't you be together in the world that you're already in.
More often than not - people will tell you no.
Why?  Too many judgemental eyes and ears with accompanying mouths for gossip.
(insert wry cynical smile here).

Something so strong
Something so strong
Something so strong
Something something so strong. . . 

I hope that wherever you get carried away to, that you enjoy the ride.
I hope that the strength of what carries you, is also strong enough to bring you back down to earth when reality starts to kick in and you both realise what it is that you were trying to get "away" from.

That being said - don't let me stop you.
Heck, I wouldn't even stop myself.
Travel well, be safe and keep smiling.
That something so strong, could very well be the someone so strong you've always needed. . .