Thursday, 28 May 2015

So true. . .

NZ Music month - So True by The Black Seeds

I thought I would continue in the beach theme from the last blog post (since it's winter here in Aotearoa and oh how great it would be to have warm weather again!).  This track is a great song for a road trip somewhere.  As I played in a band in high school, I'm particularly partial to the instrumentation in this song.  I think I've mentioned before how sexy I think trumpet solos are (haha) and there's a beautiful solo in this song.

The sweetest stuff you give to me
It makes me feel fine
Every little word that you say to me
Keeps my heart on time
Red blood flowin' like a rough rapid
When you are near by
Ain't no doubt cos it's plain to see
You set my soul on fire

It can be comforting and reassuring when someone gives you the sweetest stuff - kind words, actions and deeds that make you feel loved.  It shows you the power of words, the power of actions - the fact that how you choose to convey yourself, how you act towards others - is an indication of the type of person that you are, that you show love, empathy and friendship.  

Have you set someone's soul on fire?  Or do you know someone who sets your soul on fire?  When I think about that imagery, I mean as romantic as it sounds, it actually sounds quite painful.  Wouldn't a soul on fire be the same as a soul burning in hell for eternity?  (Sorry it's the pragmatist in me).  

Most generous love, you spread around
To people in your life
Sharing the weight and the pressure
Just to make it right
I hope one day that you make it back
If that karma stuff is true
Here's a little song just to make a start
Called something so true

I've been interested in getting to know people's truth.  I watched an old episode of The Good Wife the other day, one where Alicia Florick is running against Richard Prady for the state's attorney race.  He talked about people's truth and the act of telling the truth as two separate things.  I had to kind of smile because he defined the people's truth or an individual's truth as being completely different to the actual truth, because it could be interpreted as a lie.  I agreed with this definition because I believe that everyone has a truth - that isn't necessarily wrong, because it's fixed on their beliefs and what they believe to be true.

Something so true

Is what I get from you
An' I hope that you'll see
You get the best of me . . .

What's true for you?  Is it important to be true?  How true do we need to be?  Do we need to even care about being true?  Do you self-monitor your truth or rely on someone to keep you honest and true?

Why don't you see if you can be the best of you to others in your life?

Including those strangers that you see everyday on your to work, at the same time, at the same place.

I hope that people that come to rely on me, get the best of me.

It's a daily struggle (how it feels at the worst of times I guess, especially when you're running on empty and people expect more from the tank and you're all spent) but I'm glad that I can be a shoulder to cry on or lean on, a hand to hold, an ear to listen and an eye to see. . .