Monday, 18 May 2015

Saturday Smile. . .

NZ Music Month - Saturday Smile by Gin Wigmore

This blog post is dedicated to Lofi Lauese

I've stolen all the stars to make a wish we can fly
Away, away up high to that old place in time
Where our pictures never fade and our hearts don't lie
Won't you stay a while watch our world go by
I'll keep holding onto you and your Saturday Smile

I never really knew you.  I did a lot of work with your husband Ron over the years with music.  When he lead the combined choirs alongside the combined Mormon choirs and the Auckland Symphony Orchestra, then lead by Gary Daverne (now lead by Peter Thomas) for the annual Carols by Candlelight in the Auckland Town Hall.  Every time Ron would tease me about having a boyfriend or asking why I wasn't married yet - you would always give him that look to stop harassing me.  I thought about you during those times when I heard of your passing.  You never said much but I remember your smile the most.  It's probably why I was drawn to this song to pay tribute to you.  

Has our Autumn died
Help me find you again

I remember you performed a lot with your dance group, particularly in siva Samoa.  You seemed to have a real affection and love of supporting your Samoan culture, but more importantly your service to God is something that spoke volumes.  Your infectious smile and sunny disposition has most likely helped others find themselves, to foster the desire to know God more in service to Him, not just because you were a minister's wife, but because you were a woman of God.

I think it's love
I think it's love
That gets us through
All our goodbyes
So when we die
Think of love
I'll think of love
And thoughts of you
To lay me down
I think it's love
That keeps us new. . . 

Thank you for showing love, for showing what a strong example you are - to know what God's love is like for us all, to shine in His light by yourself being a light to others.  I send my deepest condolences to Ron and your aiga. You have been promoted to be with your Maker and even though pain, grief and desolation are with your nearest and dearest right now, all they need to remember is the love that you shared with them all.

Manuia lou malaga Lofi.
I think it's love, That keeps us new. . .