Saturday, 2 May 2015

Paradise. . .

New Zealand Music Month 2015 - Paradise by Adeaze

For the entire month of May I will be looking at some of my favourite kiwi songs from right here in Aotearoa New Zealand.  If you follow my blog from overseas, there's something you need to know about what this month means for me.

It's a chance for all radio stations in our country to play as much Kiwi music as possible.  Like other countries around the world, we have artists from Europe and the U.S. dominate our radiowaves.  Our country being so small, this also means it's a small yet extremely competitive market.  

But you have a gift that noone can present
You were made a special way
And there ain't noone the same

Some of the songs we don't have lyrics for them readily available online (unless you're a real fan and upload them yourself on various music sites) so I will most likely sit and listen and do my own lyric transcriptions.

Last year (for previous blog posts see 'May 2014'), I wrote about a Kiwi song everyday in alphabetical order.  Some days I had song requests or dedications for friends but most of the time I selected songs that resonated with what was happening to me at the time.

Believe that you can do it
so many people are gonna miss the train
And that's the cause of my pain. . . 

Today's post is no exception.

Other prominent kiwi musicians also feature on this video - Che Fu, Lapi Mariner, Pele Nili, Vince Harder, Te Awanui Reeder, Pieter T,  Jason Kerrison and Don McGlashan.  Even Auckland's supercity mayor Len Brown and Mangere MP Su'a William Sio feature on the video clip

You've come too far you ain't gonna give up
Don't quit, cos you ain't a quitter, get up
Reach your hands up to the heavens
Guaranteed you will catch a blessing
Get up

Everyone comes to a point in their lives when they want to give up on a journey that they had initially committed to being on.  I remember one old lecturer of mine had once said to me when I couldn't hand in an essay, "Oh you just let life get on top of you."  She really made things difficult for me and I didn't end up passing that course because it felt like at the time, she made it her mission to make me feel like a failure and accept that I wasn't anybody special, I didn't have the capacity, I wouldn't be able to cut a break because the colour of my skin and the 'cultural' way that I was raised - would be deemed as barriers to my success.

Be a man who lives with a dream. . . 
It's time to live positive
It's time to live for our kids
So we can live to see a better day

I had the opportunity to run into that old lecturer of mine.  She was surprised to find out that I was now a doctoral candidate.  She remembered me but had never expected me to amount to anything, to never make a positive difference for myself, for my family and more importantly just in the world at large.  When I shared with her what I was doing now - she was floored.  Her lack of faith in me actually motivated me more than the words of a good teacher.  I didn't tell her that her words motivated me to prove her wrong one day and little did I know that Providence would intervene and allow our paths to cross again.  

I wanna live in paradise, paradise, paradise for eternity
I wanna live in paradise, paradise, paradise for eternity. . . 

I hope that you don't wait until you die to live in the paradise that you want to live in.
I truly believe that you can live in paradise right now, right where you are, if you allow your spirit to never be broken by others who seek to diminish your inner light and the realness that you bring to this dimension.  Those who fail to see your value, your strengths, those who fail to see you - are not meant to be part of your paradise. . . . so choose wisely who you want to be with in your paradise for eternity. . .