Saturday, 30 May 2015

My Delirium. . .

NZ Music month - My Delirium by Ladyhawke

The opening melodic motif in this track reminds me of the chorus in the 80s classic Sunglasses at night by Corey Hart.  I like the way the ends of the lines in the verses are punctuated by harmonies.  The drums feel quite prominent to me, the drum fills helping to add rhythmic drive to the momentum of the song.  You can be forgiven for thinking that the song sounds like an 80s classic itself with its clever use of pop synthesiser to add texture, complete with the ascending semibreves and minims in the chorus.  The guitar riff keeps us grounded too acting as an interlude before the final chorus.

Late night waiting by the phone
Tonight waiting for an answer
Heartbeat drumming double time
I need one more chance to be with you

The song makes me think about when you're in the throes of a relationship that sends you into a state of dependency, the time of dependency where your whole world seems to revolve around the other person.  Sometimes it's hard to see yourself in that state, or no matter how much you try to advise your friends and loved ones that they are getting too dependent on their partner, that they are starting to lose their identities - it's hard to convince them - people need to realise it themselves. Your good intentions to try and support them are lost because they can't see it.  Do you hold up mirrors to people?  It's even harder to stand in front of a mirror and take a critical look at yourself too.

Still hanging on, for a while
Can't operate, fired up
I won't eat and I won't sleep for you
No rest till I get through 
Cos I'm holding out for you
Am I the only one who's insane

Have you been obsessed over by someone?  It's hard to pinpoint the tell-tale signs because it's almost as if you have to wait for something drastic to happen in order for you to realise that what seemed like isolated incidents are in fact, a series of events that have culminated in that drastic event.  You might not be able to tell until you piece together threads of conversation, things that they might have hinted at, actions or deeds that were unsolicited (sometimes even unrequited).  

I guess this is the disturbing part isn't it - when you're not even in a relationship with someone, but in their minds they feel like you are.  

Hey you're playing with my delirium
And the longer I wait the harder I'm gonna fall
Stop playing with my delirium
Cos I'm outta my head and outta my self control

So what can you do to avoid this happening?  How can you know for sure that you've surrounded yourself with positive individuals who can not only add value to your life, but feel good enough about their own that they don't need to try and wreck or ruin others?

This is why getting to know people is important.  Developing deep and meaningful connections is critical because maybe together you can work on something, collaborate on a project, forge a path ahead that explores the goodness in each other that is not steeped in competition but just about connection.  I connect with people. I don't compete with them.  So I'm hoping that if there are individuals in your own lives that feel like you're messing with their delirium - tell them straight up.  You're just trying to do you.

Still here in this quiet room
Deep in delusion sending me over
Watching the world go by
Inside time stands still as I wonder. . . 

I hope that you get yourself out of that quiet room.
Quiet and silence can be good - but too much of it stimulates an over-active imagination and creates delusions and hallucinations about things that never were and are not. . .