Sunday, 24 May 2015

I like rain. . .

NZ Music Month - I like rain by Jean-Paul Sartre Experience 

This track is a song request from +Rochelle Savage 

This track was released in 1987 out of Flying Nun Records, synonymous with the birthplace or at least the rise of the kiwi sound of the early singer songwriters who are now easily known as the legends of kiwi music.

It's cold outside the knife edge (the knife edge)
The paper in the stream looks brittle (brittle)
Shiny white and grey are the colours (colours)
It's good to be inside and comfy

Musically speaking this song has all of the elements of a catchy song.  If this song was re-released, it would definitely chart again because it is so catchy.  So what makes it catchy you ask?  It's the melodic motif on the keyboard, the constant bass line, the syncopated easy style of drumming (particularly with the snare) at the beginning of the song before it gets more adventurous in the chorus.  I find that the spoken echo after each line highlights the kiwi accent really well.

We get the impression here that the rain is cold and unforgiving.  We naturally assume the worst in life don't we in this respect?  Much like these initial images of what rain does - and think about how it's good to stay inside and not venture out because it's raining and we might get wet and sick.

It's warm outside and steaming (steaming)
The mist hides the secret river (river-iver-iver-iver)
The colours can be seen a rainbow (rainbow)
It's good to be outside in light . . . 

This verse introduces a positive side to rain.  What happens when we combine it with light and heat?

What happens when light crosses rain?  We get a different perspective on it and can see colours changing because we see a rainbow.  It's definitely the best part of a sunshower, something I've always loved as a child and danced through to try and touch the rainbow that we can't touch.

When rain crosses heat, then steam and mist appear as well.  It can soften and change the sights and smells that rain alone pushes onto our senses.  I think in any bad situation we find ourselves, we find it hard to see probable and possible solutions because we fixate too much on the negative and don't think about a way forward.  I think people who focus too much on the lack, on the have-nots, on the difficulty of a situation - will never be able to push past and survive.  Are you one of those people?  We need to adjust our attitudes so that we can like rain.  

I like rain 
Falling on my window (I like rain)
I like rain
Splashing on the roof (I like rain)
I like rain
Dancing on the pavement (I like rain)
I like rain
When I'm inside

It's hard to see the world with new eyes.
It's hard to see the world when you can't see very well.
It' s even harder to see the world, when you don't like much that's within it - the people, places or things that you forced to come into contact with on a daily basis.  I just think stop seeing rain as a negative thing you know, I mean rain doesn't last forever, it dries up. . . 

I hope you enjoy watching the rain fall sometimes.
I think if you adjust your attitude, you'll find rain quite comforting.
You just need to get used to the different types of rain that there are, and the different surfaces that they fall on that changes the way it sounds.

Falling down 
Falling down
I like rain. . .