Friday, 29 May 2015

I Kill Giants. . .

NZ Music month - I Kill Giants by The Naked and Famous

It took me a while to realise that the music video was playing backwards.  It made me think about a couple of things - if I identify with the dancers performing backwards or if I was a member of the audience sitting motionless in what looks like a church.  Would you be a dancer or an observer? 

The end of June came
And took you away
We were all crying
Felt like I was dying

Black dress and black shoes
Tied laces for you
The saddest of days
Why couldn't we save you?

How often do we get to dance in our daily lives, truly letting go of our inhibitions and even ending up back where we started (we don't realise that until the end of a situation sometimes).  We tend to move and rage against the machine, not really knowing that we're moving backwards, no momentum going forward (even if we think we are), but in reality we don't.  So we actually end up being like one of the motionless audience members.  Do you look straight ahead and wait for life to happen to you?

Inside my head
At the edge of the bed
Where sombreness lay
In your children that day

As goodbyes are spent
Holding on to what's left
The saddest of days
Why couldn't we save you?

Living inside your head can be a dangerous place to be.  I say this because your imagination can be a powerful thing.  It's the reason why when people talk about - if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it - that is a totally possible thing.  Half of the battles that we face in life are the very ones that we face against ourselves in our minds.  When we can master our own thought processes and think about what it means to truly sit inside your head - can you sit quite comfortably?  

It may seem safe to hold onto those memories in your head.  But sometimes it's important to let some memories be erased from your mind, particularly those memories that may threaten to hinder the life that you are meant to live 'outside' your head.

Nothing but ashes 
In the old fire place
With all of the memories
He has erased

Heavier heels
His mourning concealed
On the saddest of days
Why couldn't we save you?

I think the saddest of days is when you realise that you can't save yourself, or you have no desire to save yourself.  When can you possibly expend all of your energy and be totally spent, that you lose sight of being truly happy and truly living.  

I think the giants that you need to kill are the ones that you create in your mind.
Those giants that take up so much space in your head and it makes living outside your head impossible to fathom.  

I hope that you surround yourself with people who don't need to save you - you don't need to be saved. You already know that you saved yourself a long time ago.  You've just forgotten because you didn't remember you had already erased those memories before today. . .