Monday, 18 May 2015

Hope. . .

NZ Music Month - Hope by Fat Freddy's Drop

This track is a song request from +Alex Hotere-Barnes 

Hope for a generation, just beyond my reach
Not beyond my sight. . . 

When I think about the work that I do - it is definitely about "hope".
The track repeats these first two lines like a mantra.  I know it will continue to be a mantra for producing legacy leaders :-)

I've been having conversations, making connections, attracting like-minds and it's been a great journey along the way, towards discovering the best in ourselves, collaborating with others and making an impact in whatever we decide to do.  I think that the more that we get to know ourselves and have ownership over what we think, feel, do, say, sing, yell, play, write, smell, taste - we bundle all of that together in our collective experiences - and create memories with people worth remembering.

I wanna drip like honey from the honeybee
Walk from the river down to the sea
Fly through the face of a thunder cloud
Rain down
Down on the people that won't allow
Not gonna let them keep me
Not gonna let them hold me
Not gonna let them tell me no
(Let them keep me)

I think sometimes we need to be like water or like the different types of liquid described in this verse, particularly if we want to be fluid; to be able to flow between the confines, the constraints placed on us or the restraints that people try to put us in.  Are you being held against your will in your current situation?  How long will you hold yourself prisoner?  Or in actual fact, did you lock yourself away, becoming your own captor, trying to hold yourself captive away from the world because you don't know how to be fluid anymore, forgotten how to be that way.  I hope that you eventually find ways to not be held captive, even if it is self-imposed.  Why deny yourself living your best life possible?  

I love the music 
I love the music
The music is me
The music is you
Music can be
Something we do
Music is good and music is right and
Music can stand strong right through the night and
Music can hold you
Music can keep you
Safe from harm in the beautiful arms
Music is you
It's the thing we do

I love the way the horn section responds to the vocal call backed by the guitar.  This builds until the vocal and trumpets merge as the saxophone answers to complete the musical phrasing.  Do you have things that define you like music does for me?  Everyone who loves music and has made a connection with it either as a performer, writer or enthusiast - I genuinely believe in the power of music therapy, the way in which music can be used to inspire and heal, the power to calm yourself down, to change a foul mood or disposition to a positive and loving one despite the circumstances.  Of course there are people that may use music not to heal themselves, but to further incite or inflame, heighten their sensibilities to transform into more dark areas of pain and anger.  

It's the thing we do
It's the thing we do
It's the thing I do to get me through
It's the thing I do to get me through
It's the thing I do to get me through. . . 

I hope that you find the thing (or things) that help you to get through.
This week I will be remembering, reminiscing and celebrating the 2nd year of my life without my husband.  So much has happened that I know he would've been happy to have been here for physically.  I know that he would've smiled, laughed and cried with me.  The thing that he left me to get me through - definitely the love for music, the music that was him, the music that is me, the music that was us.  It's the thing we do. . .