Sunday, 31 May 2015

Don't fight it. . .

NZ Music Month - Don't fight it by Revere

This blog post is particularly exciting for me to write.  Why you may ask?  Because the artists are former students of mine at the last high school that I taught at.  The band is Revere (or Revere 3 / Rever3) and they are made up of guitarist Tatupu Fata, male vocalist and brother of the guitarist Petaia Fata and female vocalist Seidah Tuaoi.  The talented trio are natural performers, perfectionists in their own right when it comes to public performances.

I step away sometimes, when you're caught up in the moment
Let's go to another place where the night's filled with romancing
The lights are getting bright, and I never want to leave it
Tonight let's get that rhyme, and the rest cannot believe it 

It's always good to blow off steam and have a night out on the town, catching up with friends (and potentially making new ones!).  The clubbing hasn't really changed much (does it ever change?).  All that changes is the new joints that attract new clientele and the type of vibe that you're going for.  I always found it funny that you had to be seen to be frequenting the right establishments to meet the right people (that never changes, no matter what social circle you roll in).  But the one constant with me, is that I just like to dance and I like listening to live music.  To me, there's nothing more electric than connecting with musicians when they perform and seeing how much they groove and enjoy making music.

So don't fight it
I can't help this feeling I just get so excited 
Tonight is the night, don't fight it
I can't help this feeling I just get so excited
Don't let them stand drunk/stay and drink (?)/ don't wanna stay drunk (?)

Excuse the confusion with the last one.  I've tried listening countless times and I get more confused everytime haha.  It's the anticipation that is palpable isn't it?  When you're waiting for something, you don't know what it is, but the occasion of it, you know it's going to be a big night, there are countless possibilities and you don't know what to expect.  I guess it boils down to the expectation of something happening.  It could be anything, and I think that's a great approach to life.  You don't know what life holds, but you know that as soon as tonight - it will bring something that you never imagined.  That's exciting in itself to think about.

Girl forget your past, make this moment last
You have the freedom to do what you want to do yeah
So leave the stress behind, take it off your mind
And groove the night away, you'll be just fine

I think this is an important verse, because I think we don't actually know how much freedom we have, until it is taken or stolen from us without our permission.  Most of the time we don't choose to use or explore our freedom to its fullest extent.  Now I'm not suggesting that you push your civil liberties to the point of no return, but I think that we need to be living our best lives now, but we hold ourselves back.  We're our own worst enemies in this case.

Oh I've found love (what I have to give it girl)
Ooh they cannot take it away
Oh I've found love (what I have to give it girl)
Ooh they cannot take it away. . .

The song suggests that he can find love with you, because he can give you love.
But I hope that you think about how much love you need to give yourself, so that others can give you their love.  There's no point in waiting for someone to stumble across you in the hopes of receiving their love.  No, don't be that person.  That starts the horrible dependency cycle of obsessive stalker proportions that you won't be able to move past.  No, instead think about how much freedom you have - to love who you are and how much happier you can be - if you want to.

They can't take that away, so don't fight it :-)