Sunday, 31 May 2015

Don't fight it Marsha, it's bigger than the both of us. . .

NZ Music month - Don't fight it Marsh, it's bigger than the both of us by Blam blam blam

This track is a song request from +Rochelle Savage 

I have written about Blam blam blam in a previous blog post (see There is no depression in New Zealand also released in 1981). This track is the second smash single that made the band a household name in Aotearoa.

It's been some time, a year or so 
If you weren't coping you would have let me know
My friends say I do too much, I've got a lot on my plate
But if there was something, I wouldn't hesitate

Once again it's communication isn't it?  Do you think about how much people rely on you, how much your partner relies on you?  Having too much on your plate suggests that you're a person who can't say no and takes too many things on your board.  You might think that you always have room on your plate to fit something in and that overcrowding the plate isn't going to be too much of a problem.  It totally depends on the individual and how well you're good at clearing plates.  Some people are so good at clearing plates that they clear the plates of other people who aren't really good at tackling plates anyway.  Enabling others not to be able to address their own plates, isn't going to help you or the other person.  

There's five blue figures
On a white circle
They're making agreements
They're keeping each other in line

Are you relied upon to keep people in line?  You end up starting to feel like Nikita counting ten tin soldiers in a row.  It can get tedious and drive you stir crazy, so what do you to keep yourself if not sane, then in a space where you can handle whatever needs to happen, in order for making those agreements actually happen?  When I think about five blue figures on a white circle, I think about what the purpose of that design, what am I actually looking at and who drew those figures anyway?  Could they be your friends that think you have too much on your plate?

And I want you to be happy
But I'd rather that you were still with me
Perhaps we can arrange something
Arrange something

Making arrangements can be a short term solution to a longer term problem.
If someone wants you to be happy but can't let you go - that requires a conversation that you both might not want to have.  The opportunity to allow for disagreements (there are those blue figures again) need to be considered.  Hmmm. . . I wonder how many meetings you would need to have before any feasible arrangements could be made.  

I took pride in my even hand
When I took control I thought you'd understand
If all things were equal, I could be your friend
I could turn around and take it again

I hope that you are able to make some agreements with someone or a group of people that you need to work along with, make some great connections and come to a consensus that shows the equality that you're after.  

It will be a long road and a journey that is absolutely necessary, but remember not to lose sight of the end goal, and don't let the setbacks force you to abandon the journey.  Keep your eyes on the prize and the rest will eventually fall into place.  Don't fight it, it's bigger than the both of us. . .