Sunday, 31 May 2015

Brothaz. . .

NZ Music month - Brothaz by Nesian Mystik

I've written about Nesian Mystik in a previous blog post (see Nesian Style).  I imagine that this is the type of song that you would play and reminisce with your friends, in particular your childhood friends about your history together.

My man we got history running deep beneath the physical
Connected together never rolling as individual 

Having grown up with brothers (no sisters), there is definitely something magical about the kindred spirits of going through growing pains together, being in situations together.  Of course this extends to all your platonic friends at school and who you 'kicked it with'.  This is the final blog post in this NZ Music month series and it's been a real journey through some of the best songs of my musical history.  

It ain't even like we're outgrowing each other ever since birth
We placed upon this earth as brothers. . . 

Second whanau man you like my surrogate aiga. . . 

Together we better than isolated as solo. . . 

The lyrics of the song speak for themselves.
The opening guitar introduction is classic Nesian Mystik before the beat drops and the keys provide countermelody support through the lil slides interspersed throughout the song.  Te Awanui Reeder provides the melodic hook and sings the majority of the song before the rest of the group take turns spinning some rhymes.  References to "uso" and "sole" are Samoan words that refer to brother (male to male and also can include female to female kinship ties) and sole is the colloquial term for brother (much like suga is the colloquial term for sister, although Samoan men will refer to their female partners as suga, so it is used as a colloquial term for babe or honey).

Now bro I'll be there for you
yea hold tight and I'll keep it true
No doubt
In those times of need I'm there indeed
Brother you see you don't even have to speak. . . 

I hope that wherever you find yourself in your life, that you have brothers (or sisters) close at hand to provide you with the support to get through those tough times.

When words are unnecessary and just being there is all that matters, then you'll know that you have your brothaz (or sistaz). . .