Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Beside you. . .

NZ Music Month - Beside you by Dave Dobbyn

This blog post is dedicated to you - if you need me - beside you :-)

I've written about Dave Dobbyn before in previous blog posts (see Language, Loyal, Welcome Home, You Oughta Be In Love).  As he has aged, he seems more like Bruce Springsteen to me, the reformed rocker turned folk singer/social commentator.  His love songs have endured and to me truly reflect what it means to be a kiwi with his music.

I've been a bit behind schedule with my blog posts.  There have been a few other priorities that have taken precedence over this commitment that I have made (to profile songs from Aotearoa).  In saying that though. I couldn't go one more night without first posting a new blog post, just to you know, let you know that I'm still thinking about songs, about people (you guys yes) and how life has been lately.  Recent events have also moved me, compelled me to write.  What has been strange and coincidental though, is that like most of my blog posts which are meticulously planned (well, there is some semblance of organised chaos haha) is that situations tend to drive the fast production of these blog posts.  

So thank life for today's blog post :-)

Here's to your garden
Here's to your kids
I heard you were in the neighbourhood
I've been a long time on the skids
And baby I'm beside you
You run from the river when it long ran over you

I've thought about what you told me and I still can't fathom it.  When friends reveal their greatest pain to you, it can sometimes take the form of a huge weight that you not only want to carry yourself, but it seems like the sharing of the load is like a problem shared, a problem halved on the way to a problem solved.  Listening to your friends and not interjecting with words of advice, just sitting and listening is the best thing to do.  We all know that words can be inadequate and can't bring any relief.  I've always felt this way when people express condolences during times of grief.  Words cannot bring back a loved one - so a slight touch on the shoulder, a squeeze of an arm - just to let someone know that you are there - is more than enough.

This is for you standing up to a bone chilling wind
This is for the failures you collected from my sins
And this is for the lonesome tears I never dried
This is for you hanging in the hope that it never dies

After all you have endured, your loyalty and how much you showed love, showed fidelity, it can sometimes count for nothing. It can seem like that at your worst, lowest possible moment.  I know I can't dry those lonesome tears, and it's not because I don't have enough tissues in the world to be able to wipe them dry - it's because you are meant to cry them until you can no longer cry.  That sounds cruel, but it's true.  The best possible cure for that desolation and emptiness - is to physically be replete, to want to cry but not be able to secrete tears anymore.

This is for the traveller on a blinding desert road
Good fortune smile upon you and may love be your only load
And this is for the only one who could quell my burning rage
To anyone who's been a broken man and anyone seen better days

All I can reassure you with - is that I will be here.
You can let out all of your burning rage on me - because that's what good friends do.
I know you won't be broken for long, it's a necessary but passing phase that one day when we're ready - we'll look back and laugh about how tragic it all seemed - but we both know this will be a blessing in disguise.  I only want love to be your only load.  And besides, you won't need to look far to find me.  .  .  And now I'm running here beside you, And now I'm running here beside you, And now I'm running here beside you, And now I'm running here beside you . . .