Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Back of my mind. . .

NZ Music Month - Back of my mind by Jamie McDell ft. Rai Thistlethwayte

I first came across Jamie McDell when she featured on a few episodes of Jamie's World, brainchild of internet sensation Jamie Curry, an online video blogger who became famous for her wacky and creative videos.  I have written a blog post about Jamie McDell before (see Angel).  I have been hearing this particular track of hers on domestic flights to and from Wellington and Christchurch for work meetings on Air NZ.

Looking for the love and taking on this stranger
Forget the drugs I've got the high
Asking people to accept this stranger
Hoping they can keep me safe tonight

There are no lyrics available online for this track - so by all means, listen to the track for yourself and make some comments for corrections.  The music reminds me of sunny balmy days on the beach, so it's great that the music video reflects this - it's like watching a quintessential typical kiwi summer unfold before your eyes.  For Australians, it sounds like a track that would feature on Home and Away in between scene changes, a track playing on the jukebox in the diner (is there still a jukebox in the diner?  I haven't really watched the show in a while).

And the front seat I see nothing but blue
I've got two weeks driving me crazy
It's a white heat six feet on top of the roof
And I know I really can't be complainin'

I'm guessing that this could be a surf reference here (reaching Manu, totally reaching haha).  It sounds like it's school holidays, a nice summer break with some time to kill and you should be spending that time with your friends, creating some summer memories of carefree days that sadly you will lose when you reach adulthood.  

In the back of my mind, I'm always thinking about you
I really wanna see you baby
Cos the back of your mind is just your heart in rear view
Forget about the street signs and find the truth

Like many songs that I like, it's the chorus that hooks me in.
My favourite line in the chorus is the third line.  I think it's really cleverly written.
We tend to hide our hearts away from people and they don't get to see what's in the back of our minds because we're reluctant to reveal ourselves.  I think about what I would normally see in the rear view, if it's not something like a vivid and important memory that I want to keep emblazoned in the back of my mind, it would definitely be protected there.  I think about how as a child riding in the back seat of the car, having my Dad look at me in the rear view mirror, watching me as he drove to make sure that I was ok.  I wonder if I keep looking in my rear view mirror, will I stop looking for signs and just rely on the my truth that's there?

Waiting on the road I read this morning's paper
Hearing that the ground is shaking on
And I get the feeling you could use a saviour
And I know I've been away too long

I hope that you're not away too long,  When you're away from home, away from those that need you the most, don't wait too long to come home to be with them.  Just as it's hard to be a saviour, it's hard to be the one to reach out and find a saviour.  When we lose faith in ourselves and doubt what it is that we know we're capable of because we've been damaged and hurt so much, it is any wonder that we don't know how to be around other people?

Sometimes we don't need to talk at all but just appreciate looking at someone in our rear view mirrors to remind us what (well, it's who actually isn't it?) that is important.

I know I don't need someone to tell me why
I know I just need to see your face tonight. . .