Friday, 17 April 2015

Soulbird rise. . .

I'm doing so much in this world without you.  Sometimes I get really busy doing what I'm doing that I don't stop to let my feet touch the ground.  There have been former students who have kept in touch and shared their stories with me, whether it is just an image on Facebook that reminds them of me and how I taught them that is funny, or they feel encouraged by the messages that I share in status updates.

I believe in open doors
I've taken off the screen
I'm ready to let the world come inside
And touch my life
I will no longer be defined
But someone else believes that I am
Now that I have dropped the weight
I am light as a feather
It's time to elevate

As an educator, the most you can ever hope for is that the students that sit in front of you will be happy and ready to learn from me as well as being ready to teach me.  I've lost count of the many times the things that students have done or said that have touched me and made me pause and reflect on how I can engage them in a lesson.

Soulbird rise
Lift your eyes
Spread your wring
Prepare to fly
This is the money of your life
Go ahead and fly

I'm scared sometimes when the full realisation hits that I have a huge responsibility to not only do well for my people, because to serve a divine purpose or a calling that is bigger than myself is crazy to try to fathom.  My heart cries for you.  It's hard listening to the silence where I expect to hear your talk to me.  I always relied on your honest feedback and critique of anything I did because you understood that to be at my best, that you had to rip everything I did to shred.  Now I know you've sent some good friends to be around me to continue this journey with me.  As much as I'm encouraged by this and trying not to miss you too much, I am thankful that you always find your way to me when I need you the most.

I believe in open doors
From outside of the box
What did not demolish me simply polished me
Now the clearer I can see
I know where I want to go
I am living in the flow
And now that I have dropped the weight
I am light as a feather
It's time to elevate

I hope to still feel you around me when I need you the most.  It can be hard to stay focused and be patient.  Thanks for loving me when I didn't deserve it.  I know that I am where I want to be and where I want to go because you loved me.  I offer you the best of me because you expect nothing less.  In the continuum of my 'slumdog millionaire' path to self-discovery, I am grateful that I know you guide me to every closed door where you stand beside me.
I believe in open doors. . .