Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rise and shine. . .

This blog post is dedicated to +Phebs Davis+Maria Tibble+Moana Timoko

I've written a couple of blog posts about Adeaze before (see Getting stronger and The Lord is my light).  I had the pleasure of getting to know the Tupa'i brothers through my late husband Loma.

There are times when you wanna give up 
There are times when you just don't think you can face the world today
So many things can mountain up
It feels like you have to lie to get by, you're left asking why

Do you remember what I've taught you
That you were free if you're living true
I will always be here for you
When you need a word to make it through

I have been sharing with friends and colleagues about having a positive mindset and choosing to see things on the brighter side of life - including challenges that threaten to steal our time, energy (and sometimes sanity!).  When we are faced with huge challenges that seem insurmountable, we can often feel like there is nothing that we can do to change our circumstances or situation.

I do remember what people have taught me in the past (most recently in the last conversations I've had in the past 24 hours even) about being true to yourself and not denying the world the best of yourself.  It's those 'words' - think about the words that you have come to rely on from people that want to bring out the best of you, that sustain you through difficult times and help you to face the world today, including being able to help you face your own world, that world that you've created for yourself.  Are you happy with what you've created?  Is it through your own design?  Does what you have and see, an accurate representation of your creation?

You have a plan but you can't stay focused
You have a dream but you feel you're no closer than when you started out
Now you fall just to make quick choices
Doing things you will never do
But it feels like you have to choose

Just remember to take it slow
Perseverance and patience grow
Don't let the negatives take control of the light you own, let your love show 

The thing about dreams is that when you have them, it can be sketchy to recollect what transpired in your mind.  It's hard to be close to achieving a dream if it was never really clear to begin with, I mean, you can't achieve isn't clear for you.  Falling to make quick choices means that you've become your own worst enemy - you've become that self-saboteur who makes excuses for not pursuing anything or anyone.  Why are you afraid of living your best life?  There will be countless crossroads ahead of you, but I promise you, the choices will become easier to make - but you can't get to those choices if you are scared to make a simple decision today.

In saying that though, you don't need to choose too quickly either.
How will you know?  Only you will know your own readiness.
Just make sure that your light continues to shine, no matter what time you choose to shine it.
I've talked before about people who might try to dim your light, steal your light because they can't create their own, but you must always continue to let your love show regardless.  Even when they don't deserve it - how else will we be able to attract more positive things in our lives if we continue to pump energy into the bloodlines of our lives, producing negativity?  They say slow and steady wins the race, but I just don't want you to take yourself out of the race completely :-)

It's time to rise and shine
Today is a brand new day
For you to realise
It don't have to be the same
Believe in all the words you pray
And it will come true, true, true. . . 

I hope that every day you wake up, that your prayers are answered.
They might not appear to be answered in the time or way that you intended, but I take comfort in the knowledge that No Prayer Goes Unheard, as Helen Steiner Rice says . . . Believe in all the words you pray, And it will come true, true, true. . . 

So rise and shine.
Regardless of what yesterday was like for you, today is a brand new day :-)