Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Just do you. . .

This blog is dedicated to +Natalie Faitala+David Faitala and +Dave Fa'avae 

I've loved India Arie and her music when she burst onto my music radar with her beautiful album Acoustic Soul in 2001.  She has recently launched a book based on the recent Songversation album released in 2013 from which today's track Just do you belongs.

Like the previous blog post by Adeaze, this song appeals to my music catalogue of tracks that make me smile, speak of self-belief and valuing who you are and more importantly how you see yourself.  
I highly recommend blasting this track while you dance around the room or while you're doing some chores around the house over the Easter weekend, or while you're working away online (like I will be anyway, even though several people have said to step away from the keyboard. . . )

I heard a voice that told me I'm essential
How all my fears are limiting my potential
Said it's time to step into the light and
Use every bit of the power I am inside and

So what'chu waiting on
Who you waiting for
If you don't take a chance you'll never know what's in store

Too often we can automatically sink into the depths of despair or look at the worst case scenario.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you shouldn't be realistic.  All I'm saying is have some fun with your reality and construct it the way you want it.  I totally believe that you have the power to create how your world works.  When things don't go your way because things happen that are beyond your control, see those challenges as learning opportunities to discover the best parts of you inside that are waiting to emerge.  Hesitating and shutting down opportunities don't lead you to places where you are meant to be.  There's nothing worse than blaming others for your own inadequacies and issues of self-esteem - when you actually need to look in the mirror and make a simple, honest decision.  Do you know who you are?  Are you happy with what you're doing, who you are?  If not - find out who you want to be, find out who you think you are, and then do that.  Be that person - truly be the real you that the world is meant to see and enjoy.  That's a daily intention for me.  Always presenting my best to the world, because to serve your purpose in the world is to give them the best of who you are.  If you don't take a chance you'll never know what's in store. . . 

If you create the game, then you create the rules
And if you just be you
Then there's no way you can lose

Musically speaking, this bridge is the game changer in the song,  It's simple enough to be yourself.  We hear it often enough wherever we look, whatever we do.  I guess the challenge lies in the fact that you can't be yourself, if you don't know who you are.  We worry too much about what other people think of us, it can take time to move past that.  All you need to worry about is how you want to live life, what you value and how that will have significant impact to do positive, love-filled acts of compassion and harmony.  I truly believe that if you can inspire these things in others, your life's work is complete.

There's a story waiting for you to write it
There's a treasure waiting for you to find it
There's a picture waiting for you to paint it
There's a dollar waiting for you to make it

The belief that there is always hope, that there is always wonder and curiosity that you need to foster in your life - these are the things that sustain me.  It can totally be human instinct to dwell on negative situations and grieve in this way, it's how we're built.  I enjoy those moments of pain, betrayal and anger - because they show me that I am human, I have feelings and when I need to 'rage against the machine' I can express and vent my frustration in productive and constructive ways.

After you go through that venting process though, you arrive at a plateau, step back and then think about what you need to do - assess the situation and find a way forward to continue being productive, to continue being constructive.  One of my professors once said to me: 'Nobody likes someone who's a problem Manu, so become the solution.'  He told me that over 10 years ago and it has been something that has stuck with me and helped to foster my growth mindset and sense of perpetual hope.

So I encourage you to - just do you.
If people who envy you and hate seeing you succeed spent their energy improving their situation or really started talking to you about how to go about replicating the same things in their own lives - how much better would the world be?  How infinitely better would their own world be? They would get to experience the joy, happiness and love that you have not only for them, but for the world at large.

Just do you (somebody's got to be a star)
Just do you (somebody's got to raise the bar)
Just do you (somebody's got to change the game)
Just do you (today). . .