Wednesday, 8 April 2015

If you don't know me by now. . .

If you don't know me by now
You will never never never know me

Originally recorded by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes in 1972,  If you don't know me by now was re-released by Mick Hucknall of Simply Red.  I remember playing this song on the piano as a teenager - the sheet music lived amongst my other favourite ballads in folders that I kept in my room.  It's one of those songs that I would play where I tried to feature the melody distinctly in the right hand while playing the chordal accompaniment in the other sections of the song.

All the things that we've been through
You should understand me, like I understand you
Now girl I know the difference
Between right and wrong
I ain't gonna do nothing
To break up our happy home

The trust issues that drip from this verse has no doubt been keenly felt by you at some point in your life.  The reassurances that you have made to your partner, to make her understand (or at least an attempt to make her understand) that will be together, that you will not hurt her.

Does it get tiresome for you?  Having to constantly reassure her that you still love her after all these years?  That you love her even more now, now more than ever, more than the first time you laid eyes on her?

Oh don't get so excited 
When I come home a little late at night
Cos we only act like children
When we argue fuss and fight

We all have our own funny moods
I've got mine, woman you've got yours too
Just trust in me, like I trust in you
As long as we've been together
It should be so easy to do

Part of being in relationships focused on love (or meant to be) also shows the capacity for the other side of the coin, that dichotomy that illuminates the sunshine in the daytime as much as the moonlight bathes the night.  When did the love start to disappear?  When did the signs start to show, the cracks that exposed the chinks in the armour that you wear around you heart, exposing it for what it really is - afraid to really love, afraid to lose yourself in the arms of someone who tries so hard to convince you. . . that they are still here, in spite of the challenges that you thrown down on a daily basis.

Just get yourself together
Or we might as well say goodbye
What good is a love affair 
If we can't see eye to eye

The point in the relationship where the straw that finally breaks the camel's hump has landed.
If the eyes are the windows to your soul, is this why you can't see eye to eye?  You don't look him in the eye anymore and how is he supposed to know what it is you're actually feel?  All he sees is the destruction that you causing, not so much to the relationship now, but just to yourself.  It's tragic - you're too far gone to see what you look like right now.

Who's going to tell you to get yourself together?
The goodbye certainly sounds imminent.
If you looked up, you can see that there are tears swimming in my eyes.
But you won't see them, you never did in the past, so why would you start today?

If you don't know me by now
You will never never never know me. . . 

I guess in the end, it doesn't even matter if I know you right now.
It would be hard for me to know you, if you don't know yourself.
So the question surfaces, will you ever ever ever know you?