Friday, 10 April 2015

Games people play. . .

This blog post is a song recommendation by +Anaru White

Na na na Na na na Na na x2
Talkin' bout you and me yeah
And the games people play

My friend Anaru suggested that today's track Games people play by Inner Circle would be a great song for a blog post - he didn't specifically request the song, he just recommended that I might want to consider blogging it and. . . here we are :-)

I have been watching with interest (is it the change of season?) the increasing move towards the powers-that-be messing with the "people".  It used to be quite low-Key before (excuse the pun) but it's much more overt now and the conspiracy theories but can't help but be in great abundance.  

Oh the games people play now
Ev'ry night and ev'ry day now
Never meaning what they say, yeah
Never saying what they mean

First you whine away your hours
In your concrete towers
Soon you'll be covered up in flowers
In the back of a black limousine

John Campbell and his brilliant show Campbell Live has recently come under scrutiny as possible being replaced by a daily soap opera (really Mediaworks - you're going to try and rival Shortland Street - New Zealand's answer to Coronation Street by producing a series that probably won't last as long as Jackson's Wharf?).  

Is it fair for a man who just only celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his show being on air, to then be faced with the cruel juxtaposition of losing his show?  It will be interesting to see in the weekend papers of our illustrious national paper (I use the word illustrious quite loosely here) what the ratings were tonight as a result of the social media backlash when the terrible news broke.

It's times like these that you are in need of a Russell Brand breakdown of the situation in a forthcoming episode of his beloved Trews. . . 

And they teach you how to meditate
Read your horoscope and change your faith
And furthermore to hell with hate
Come on and give me some more, more, more

First you're giving up your sanity
Turn your back on humanity, yeah
And you don't give a damn, a damn, a damn

Would you turn your back on humanity?  What price would you pay to be on top?  Is this what our lives have become?  We stop caring about what's important, the things that are important that promote humanity within us.  When will we stop playing games and start being real?  What do we have to gain by playing these games?  When we play games there are always winners and losers - does it always have to be that way?  We can't play games to have fun right, because these types of games that we're talking about are designed to see the survival of the fittest; these games are actually playing with people's lives, people's livelihoods and sense of self-respect and integrity.

Na na na Na na na Na na x2
Talkin' bout you and me yeah
And the games people play

I hope you don't stop giving a damn.
Let's continue this conversation.
If it's games you want to play, you need to know, don't cry if you lose.
I've lost enough games to know how to be a winner. . .