Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A growing time. . .

Do you have time to reflect on plans that you make?  Sometimes we forget to take a step back and take a look at what we're doing, reflecting on the process of things that we're doing, whether it's the life we're living, the direction we're heading, who we're on this life journey with and whether we are growing along the way.  This blog post focuses on Dan Fogelberg's 'A growing time'.

It's a growing time
Springtime of the year
It's a growing time
The sun is moving near
It is yours and mine
The days are ours to share
Within our peaceful garden
And this growing time so far

I think it's important to grow, but I don't think that you can grow effectively unless you have at least some sort of plan in place, especially when you are selecting what it is that you want to grow - either within yourself, with others.  Do you want to share this growth?  Is it a growth mindset that you are trying to cultivate?  Are the conditions right for you to grow?  What if we're forced to grow when we're not ready?  How do we cope with that?

Caring quietly 
For the garden in our care
It's a joy to see
True love's blossoms growing there
When you walk with me
A single shadow's thrown
Across our peaceful garden
And this growing time we've known

I guess if you're going to grow something, it might be useful to share the responsibility of growing with someone else.  It could be someone that you want to share the growth journey with, someone who can assist and support where needed.  I wonder what the single shadow is that is thrown?  Will the shadow cast any future doubts that may threaten to hamper the growth of the garden?  The garden could be people that you are responsible for: your family, the team that you work in, your local community, your people that rely on you to ensure that the growth continues in a seamless way.

Now the sheep are in the meadow
And the cows are in the corn
And if wishes were like horses we would ride
Like the light unto the shadow
And the blossom to the thorn
We've come to learn we flourish side by side
Side by side. . .

I hope that you get to experience the full bloom of your growth cycle (and I say cycle because no doubt you will have the opportunity to grow new things, including yourself with each springtime).  You will know in the fullness of time when the harvest will be ready and appreciate what you have grown.  Like the biblical parables tell us about gardens that do not grow (or Mary being quite contrary if you're a fan of nursery rhymes) but we must always remember to stop and smell the roses sometimes. . .