Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wiser time. . .

This blog post is dedicated to those who have made tough decisions recently . . . 

No time left now for shame
Horizon behind me, no more pain
Windswept stars blink and smile
Another song, another mile

Today's blog post focuses on the track Wiser time by The Black Crowes.  I like the reference to the "another song".   For me as a musician, every mile in my journey in this crazy thing called life, no step in that mile could be completed without  a song to sustain me through it all.

The thing with regrets or shame - don't give it too much time aye.
There are of course lessons to be learned when we are faced with decisions and make choices that may lead to regret or shame - either because it was out of our control or it is something that we need to go through (in that moment) as part of growing our character, the pitstop of learning moments that give us the most strength, when we are at our most vulnerable.

You read the line every time
You ask me about crime in my mind
You ask me why another road song
Funny but I bet you never left home

Forty seconds before sunrise
Tired but wiser for the time
Lightning 30 miles away
Three thousand more in two days

I've been exploring the importance of "feelings" lately.
As kids we learn pretty quickly, that feelings dictate how we do things.
If we are feeling particularly bad, sad or mad about something - the whole world knows about it, if not your household first.  As we grow older, we understand that we become more selective about who we share our "feelings" with.  We learn by trial and error - who we entrust with these "feelings" and how we can grow and develop our feelings in safe spaces, with the right people.

On the flip side, we can learn from the bad experiences in our lives.  From those greatest moments of pain and anguish, arises beauty of lessons learned - and it is these lessons that make us wiser for the time.  It might not feel that way during those greatest moments of pain and anguish - we might have sudden surprises that force us to make choices that may bring about regret and shame - but I think the better equipped we are to face those challenges, this will always make us wiser for the time. . . 

Well on a good day, it's not every day
We can part the sea
Well on a bad day, said I know it's not every day
Glory just beyond our reach

I hope that you live your life daily knowing that you can part the sea.
Even though glory may just be beyond our reach, never lose sight of it.
The hope that you will continue to have opportunities to foster more wisdom in your time - that's the exciting stuff, how the magic happens and the unpredictability of not knowing - be open to that and embrace that.  It's ok not to know, just know that we are always on the path to be wiser for the time. . .