Monday, 9 March 2015

Take what you take. . .

This blog post is dedicated to people who try to hinder you from doing good for others. . . 

A picture paints a thousand words
As one door closes, another door opens,
And two wrongs don't make it right
Now good things come to those who wait
Take the highs with the lows dear
You'll get what you're given and everything's gonna be alright

I've been struggling to understand (and sometimes I even wonder, do I really need to??) how people's modus operandi is to ruin the good work of others because there is:
a) professional jealousy
b) absence of honesty about feelings (whether they are personal or disturbingly. . . otherwise?!)
c) the desire to want to be better than, rather than work alongside, overrides all else (and overrides reason).
For me, working together is better than working alone and working faster than everybody else, because when you break through some barriers - it's much more worthwhile celebrating the triumphs with a group of people who have been there and done that with you - not doing it alone because you can't trust them. . .    

What the f*** do you know?
Just cos you're old you think you're wise?
But who the hell are you though
I didn't even ask for your advice
You wanna keep your mouth shut
You wanna take your thoughts elsewhere
Cos you're doing in my nut
And do you think I care?

This is not a rant against people that are older than you.
But for those people that use age as the excuse to talk to you in an unseemly way, because they have no filter for what is culturally appropriate (particularly when it violates cultural expectations for how communication and respect is honoured) - this is a gentle reminder.
If you've been subjected to this kind of unwarranted behaviour - then it's time to act.
You might have explored options, exhausted all options to be respectful and give the other person the benefit of the doubt.  But as every strong woman knows, there comes a point when you must lay your cultural self to the side, take your earrings off and pull your sleeves up and muck in.  It's a hard job setting someone straight but it will be a necessary part of what needs to happen so that you can grow. they can grow and you can both grow from a negative experience.  I tend to view negative or overwhelmingly traumatic experiences that offer opportunities for development. I choose to have a growth mindset and learn from everything that is ever presented to me.  It is a hard mindset to develop, but one that I think is critical, as I want to be the best example of me that will bring good to the world, so I can't afford to wallow in self-pity, wonder why people do me wrong or ignore learning when it is staring at me in the face.

Now by a horse, I once was told
That all the glitters is not gold
And all that is to fear is fear itself
This horsey also told me
I should keep my friends close but keep my enemies closer
So as to protect myself

I think that life in general offers you environments where you are surrounded more by enemies than friends.  Your closest friend may in actual fact be your mortal enemy - but you will only realise this too late (I mean look at what happened to Julius Caeasar?  Et tu Brute!).  So once you've established that you are actually unsafe in your current environment - then this should put you in a state of urgency to act.  This should provide the impetus for you to hurry up and push through a planned process, a game plan of attack that sees you rise victorious on the battle field of life :-)

Say what you say
Do what you do
Feel what you feel
As long as it's real
Take what you take
Give what you give
Just be what you want
As long as it's real

I hope that whatever happens to you - you know that you can't control how other people choose to react to you - particularly when you aren't being honest with each other anyway.  So push past the egos - get to the heart of the problem.  If you value the connection, then you will find creative ways to get things together and things will be smooth sailing.  Personally I don't want the smooth sailing if it comes at the cost of the truth.  Even when the truth hurts. . . I mean Just be what you want
As long as it's real. . .