Sunday, 1 March 2015

Her favourite song. . .

The artist featured in this blog post was recommended by SamToa Samoa

I love the fat bassline that kicks off this track.  Mayer Hawthorne reminds me of Justin Timberlake or Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, particularly with his high falsetto sections in the song.  The song tells the story of a woman who can't seem to find comfort or solace in the outside world, men aren't reliable and she puts herself out there and gets her heart broken.  In the video clip she is surrounded by dogs in suits, while girls continue to dance on the dance floor.  I can't help but think that these are the unreliable men that she keeps coming into contact in her life. . .

Friday night at the scene is bright at Avalon
Walked straight to the bar in her party dress, yes
Told the bartender pour her a shot
And make it strong
Because she needed cheering up
She proceeded to get drunk
You could see it tearing up in her eyes

Everybody goes those benders where they use alcohol to forget their troubles, forget the daily grind and the rut that they are find themselves in.  It's almost as if you equate the light headed sensation that alcohol gives you to as something synonymous with the release of all the pressure that holds you down in your situations.  You need to watch yourself when you start drinking alone, going out to clubs on your own and you put yourself in vulnerable situations where dogs in suits will inevitably surround you, giving you unwanted attention.

Night before had a date with a boy from Highland Park
Said he'd meet her at the diner at nine o'clock
Leather boots, eyeliner laid on extra dark
She got a table set for two
But he never made it through
And she tried to play it cool, as she cried

Have you experienced being stood up by someone? There's nothing like crushing disappointment to bring home the rejection like a bucket of ice water poured over you - it shocks your system, rendering it hard for you to breathe and struggling to regain your composure again.  Why does she need to cry so much when she's drinking?  Why does she need to cry when she gets stood up?  Isn't there a way for her to pick herself up - since she seems to perpetuate a pattern of being in solitude - appearing alone in both verses of the song.  This seems quite unusual for a woman, as she is never usually alone but with her girfriends if she needs cheering up. . . 

But when she gets home, she puts her headphones on
She plays her favourite song and fades away
When the music's on, she can do no wrong
And she feels safe and calm and it's ok
And she says, ba ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
Ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
The world keeps turning, life goes on
Yeah she says, ba ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
Ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
The world keeps turning, life goes on

This is what I can relate to the most.  Losing myself in the music and listening to a whole range of favourite songs because it depends on the mood that I'm in.  Music to me is like a switch.  I can turn it on and swim through the notes and elements in my mind.

I hope that you keep the world turning where you are.
I hope that you know that life goes on, regardless of which direction you're heading in - just keep going on. . .