Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Charles In Charge. . .

This blog post was prompted by watching a video made by +Michael Lintott 

If you were a fan of 80s TV sitcoms then you were a fan of Charles in charge like me.
Starring Scott Baio and Sandra Kerns (who I found out as a child was the sister of Joanna Kerns the mom from Growing Pains, which confused me cos then I thought that the Seaver kids and the Powells were first cousins ha!).  I followed Scott Baio in reruns of Happy Days where he played Chachi opposite Joanie Cunningham played by Erin Moran, and her older brother Richie Cunningham was played Ron Howard who started off as a child actor opposite Andy Griffith in The Andy Griffiths Show.  His parents Howard and Marion Cunningham played conservative 1950s all-American parents who had a soft spot for the Fonz played by Henry Winkler (who we would discover later with secret glee was behind the production company responsible for bringing us the phenomenon known only as MacGyver).

But back to Charles (who just before we move on, was incidentally also the name of the oldest brother of the Cunningham clan - who we rarely saw on Happy Days).

Willie Aames of Eight is enough fame played the best friend.  Nicole Eggert who played the eldest and popular daughter of the household later earned her stripes as a lifesaver on Baywatch.  Josie Davis who played her more earnest book worm sister Sarah featured in a few mini series in her time. 

New boy in the neighbourhood
Lives downstairs and it's understood
He's there just to take good care of me
Like he's one of the family

Charles in charge 
of our days and our nights
Charles in charge 
of our wrongs and our rights

And I sing, I want
Charles in charge of me

Who do you want in charge of you?
I bet you're quite happy being in charge of yourself :-)