Thursday, 12 March 2015

Buddha baby. . .

This blog post is a song request by +Janelle Riki 

Hey what's your problem?
You make me so uneasy
Have you ever thought about it
Everything's so black and white to you
Do you wake up every morning
Cursing the colour of your skin
There's nothing you can do about it
I got to stop running into you

You're one of those people that probably finds it hard to make friends.
No, let me take that back.  You're good at making friends, it's just that I probably wouldn't choose to associate with those people.  I often wonder though, whether you do wish you were a different colour, that you would miraculously have your secret dream come true and you became  a lighter shade of pale dance upon your skin, because the conversations that we have show me that you don't really know who you are.  I mean, you think you do, because you tell everyone that, but it's not clear to me that you really understand.

We had a conversation
But you were talking to yourself
I just happened to be standing there
I could've been a fishbowl on the shelf
And it's a crying shame
Cause I've done all I can do
You're living in an ancient fortress
You're letting nothing new come through

I struggle sometimes when we have conversations.
The struggle stems from wondering whether you really understand what I'm saying.
You do that thing that people do, that fast "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" (why it's always in groups of five is beyond me) but in the end I realise that you didn't understand what I was talking about.  Or you ask me to repeat what I've said because you were trying to multitask but we both know you can't multitask to save yourself (and even the lives of others, if their lives depended on you being able to effectively multitask).  I guess nothing new comes through for you if you don't understand anything new or even better - if you didn't think of that something new.

Hey mister bluesky
You're looking grey
Your face is flushed but it's never red
There's a shadow hanging over your head

I mean, how come you say one thing, but do another?  It makes me question whether you have some real psychological issues because every time we talk about something - your values position on something changes.  Why are you a chameleon like that?  Are you trying to keep me on my toes?  Hey, if I wanted to be a ballerina, I would've been one (seriously), but I would most likely be the pianist that accompanies the ballet classes and watch you run through your positions.  Goodness knows you're the master of so many!

You could be a buddha baby
To be free where you belong
There's never any misconceptions
Where everything you know is wrong
And it's a brave new world
It's a carousel come true
That's why it gets me down
Sitting here listening to you

I hope that you do find what you're looking for.
It is clear to me that you want to be free, have some independence to do what you think you need to do. But I sometimes think that you need to think things through a bit longer, just let it percolate in your mind until you're ready to consume your own thinking - before sharing it with others.  When your carousel comes to life - will you let others take a turn and ride it?  Will you be able to sort yourself out so that you can try out your carousel first to prevent us from being injured?

You can't be a buddha baby until you know where you belong.
And the conversations that we've had have lead me to believe that you are yet to know where that is.

I think I will take some time out and not sit here and listen to you.
Just as you didn't need to sit there and read this. . .