Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sorrento Moon. . . (I remember). . .

Tina Arena rose to fame from an early age when she appeared on Australia's Young Talent Time, a weekly variety TV show where young entertainers cut their chops and performed song and dance routines in front of a live studio audience.  She grew into a recording artist in her own right and released her debut album in her native Australia before travelling to Europe and releasing songs in French.  Tina has always been a favourite in musicals, but it's this song Sorrento Moon that I love hearing her sing the most.  I don't know what the appeal is for me with this particular song.  She has other more well known hits like Chains and Whistle down the wind but this song has more sway for me than the others.

I sang your praises daily
And we let ourselves get swept away
It's true baby
We held heaven in our hands for days 
You wait a long time
For something wild to take you somewhere
All I needed was to fly
It's a long way from paradise to ordinary 
Picture us just smiling there, we didn't have a care

You can going about your day doing your thing, on the daily grind, then something might trigger your memory and take you to a scene that you haven't often visited in your mind.  It's a moment that you thought you had kept locked away for a while.  It's been a long time anyway since you've watched this memory in your mind.  Has this ever happened to you?  I have these moments where I can relive them like my favourite scenes from a movie, but I'm still in the scene just watching the event unfold in front of me.  Those moments are pretty cool, often poignant and always breathtaking. The thing I love most about reliving memories such as these in your mind is that nobody can take them away from you, nobody can tarnish the brightness of the images that you have, the sights that you saw, the smells that lingered on your clothes and the feelings that you had.
Enjoy and relish those moments, before you leave paradise for the ordinary again.

And I remember, how it all came true
It was all so tender
And I was lost with you
By the sweet sorrento moon. . . 

It's important to get lost every now and then.
Even if it is in the movie theatre of your mind.  The best thing about that, is you can visit there anytime.  For me, I can play a song and instantly transport myself to that point in time and remember every word that was said, every look that was exchanged and every touch that was made.
Getting lost with someone else is even better.

But the stars don't burn that brightly
Every season surely slips away
But you baby you're the reason why I chose to stay
You wait a long time to find your dream and hold on to it
All I needed was to fly
It's a long way from innocence to understanding
The picture of a child at play is how I feel today

You need to live your life as fervently, as passionately and as genuinely as possible.
Things don't last a lifetime.  Plans change, feelings can fade, people leave, with or without your consent (death can do that to you).  Loving someone deeply enough can teach you the most about your own vulnerabilities, your own willingness to lay your soul bare and be as real and as authentic as you will allow.  That shift from innocence to understanding, does this come with a sense of maturity and the reluctant parting of childish things?  Surely we can be as playful as long as we can, we can be like children at play for as long as reality permits us to indulge in the imagined utopia before responsibilities kick in, before people with no imaginations pull us back to their broken worlds.

I hope that you find your sorrento moon as many times as you can.
The best thing you can do is remember.  So never forget. . .