Monday, 23 February 2015

Right now. . .

I have loved Mary J. Blige since my teenage years.  I fell in love with two albums in particular - My Life (1994) and Share my world (1997).  She has always been the queen of hip hop/r'n'b for me with her honest songs that can lay the soul bare.  Probably what strikes me most about her is her continual evolution as an artist and there's nothing that she has produced that I haven't liked.  Her artistry is impeccable - her voice is versatile, featuring on dance tracks and some gut-wrenching ballads.  Today's track is Right now which I think is a perfect blend of a dance track with some gut wrenching lyrics - it's the best of both worlds for me.

You take from me
So why you holding back? Boy why you holding back?
So vacantly
But you won't get away with it, no, you won't get away with that

I've had enough betrayal in my time.
The thing about betrayal though, is that just when you think you recognise it for what it is, you don't see it coming the next time it rears its ugly head, so you don't realise until it's too late and then it feels like it bested you - yet again.  This can be particularly vexatious when you feel like you've figured out a game plan in your mind about how to avoid betrayal.  You might even have figured out the symptoms of it and put in mechanisms to avoid being put in such a position again.  But you know what, you can't do a damn thing.  And you know why?  Because this is how betrayal works.  It lulls you into a false sense of security, gaining your trust, until it does a Trojan horse on you and jumps out of nowhere.

They don't see what you do to me
From the outside
This cant be what it used to be
From the outside

I'm telling you right now, I'm telling you right now
No, I won't play this game with you
I'm taking it back now, I'm turning it right round
My love won't be the same for you anymore
My love won't be the same for you anymore

The other thing about betrayal is that the betrayer is like a master ninja who moves with stealth.  They have multiple identities and is really good at either playing the fool, playing dumb or a combination of these traits to mask what their actual intentions are underneath.  They portray a public image, a facade that nobody sees because they are masters of disguise and very good at flying below the radar - doing just enough to be detected as being congenial and doing so little so that they actually don't help you with anything.

Don't wait for me
When you know you did me wrong, I've been holding on too long
I'll mend the heart

The heart will heal in time.  In friendship in particular, betrayal can be hard because you will find it hard to trust people again and know how to socialise with people again.  The greatest betrayals in your life will likely come from people that you least expected, it might come from people who you've invested time and energy in, thinking that they respected what you had to share and celebrated the good times with you.  But things inevitably come to a head when the betrayer decides they have had enough of your success and doesn't quite know how to deal with your success, with the recognition that you're getting, because they want the same.  Sadly, betrayers need to understand that they can't be famous by associating themselves with you - the world eventually sees through their artificial layers of lies.  So what can you do?  The best revenge is as follows:
No, never gonna give you the time
No, never gonna give you the time
No, never gonna give you the time
No, never gonna give you the time. . .