Saturday, 7 February 2015

Never been better . . .

Olly Murs rose to fame during the 2009 season of the British X Factor.  Since then he has been writing his own material, co-hosted a spin-off series of the show entitled The Xtra Factor.  Today's track Never been better is a single from the album of the same name released in November 2014.  He is set to tour the UK in Spring this year so make sure to get your tickets to the venue closest to you.  

Burning from the sky
There's no gravity
Hunger in my eyes
Ain't no stopping me
Can't bring me down
I guess it goes around
Hot over my head
Back against the wall
I'm 100% and not afraid to fall
I risk it all 
When it comes to call

How have you dealt with having your back against the wall?  When you've found yourself being there was it more of a gradual realisation that you suddenly found yourself there or was it more like a sudden backing up and being pushed against the wall?  Regardless of how you find yourself against the wall, it's the knowing how to push away from the wall that you tend to think about.  I sometimes think about when I am pushed against the wall, I look around me and take in what the wall looks like around me.  The wall tells me alot about how I can push back and sometimes I might even find something I can use to leverage myself away from it.  A bit like a MacGyver moment if you will.

Everybody cries
But not today, not today
'Cause I won't let ya
Everybody dies
But not today, not me
'Cause I've never been better

These could be the words that you speak to yourself in your mind as you push yourself away from that wall.  I sometimes find that if people fail you, when you've relied on others to save you because they offered to and then didn't put in the exact amount of effort that you would have - then these could very well be the words that you need floating around in your mind, if not your subconscious.  You have to have some "go to" inner mantras that you mutter to yourself to bring you back to the world of action if you intend to be at your best on a daily basis.  Crying and dying are natural parts of life, natural events that you need and can't prevent.  Sometime they're exactly what you need when you least expect it.

I'm still on my feet
The world can't knock me down
'Cause I can't take defeat
I'm still chasing the crowd
But I'm still around
Look who's winning now

There will come a time in your life when you will decide that the crowd isn't worth chasing anymore.  Being a winner in your own eyes, looking in the mirror without needing the validation of others - will be the beginning of the rest of your life.  The world will only be able to knock you down, if you let it.  But sometimes being knocked down by the world may be what you need to teach you how to be resilient and get back up.  Winning is only as sweet as the journey it took to get there.  Losing is even sweeter when it's swiftly followed up by a comeback win.  So the next time you lost someone, or lose something, be hopeful in the fact that a win is on the horizon, you just need to hustle to make it so.

I'm never giving up
No such thing as enough
I keep on winning
Just beginning to get all I want
Nothing can hold me back
'Cause I'm not made for that
I'm always good but I've been better lately

To get to where you want to be, giving up is not an option.
Having a time out, some kind of break is totally acceptable, but letting yourself fall off the face of the planet is not an option - because you still need to keep on winning.  Everyone knows that in order to win in life, to win the best life that you want to lead, you need to stay in play, you need to still participate and be willing to work hard for what you want.  I am not afraid to say that I fail.  I have failed often and publicly - and I claim ownership of that.  But the thing that amazes me is that failure doesn't last for long.  They're as fleeting as blips on a radar screen, those surprise hiccups that crop up from time to time or a surprise sun shower that quickly passes.  I'm not made for being held back.  I should know, even my brother made sure that I skipped a year in middle school so being held back was never an option.  I've been feeling good in the last few years despite being a widow and I am confident that I've never been better.  Why?  Because my late husband wanted me to be happy.
And I am.

Tell me now did I get your attention?
Did you get the answer to your question?