Friday, 27 February 2015

Natural high. . .

This blog post is a song recommendation from SimonToa Samoa

I had the pleasure of meeting +Peter-Clinton Foaese and a few of his friends, Simon and Sam at the recent ACE Aotearoa Hui Fono in Christchurch.  One of the things I like most about meeting new people is the conversation and trying to find some common links to keep a conversation flowing.  I don't like using the term 'small talk' because I think if you can connect with people instantly, pretty soon we starting having some 'big talk' or 'real talk'.  There was some big talk that happened that night - not enough to make it overly cumbersome to manage, but just enough to get a sense of the people you had just met and the way that they think and what they value.  Most of the time when I meet new people, it's because we are introduced by someone mutual who thinks we need to meet because we're on the same wavelength, there might be something I can help with or they can help me with, or there is nothing pre-meditated at all and that chance encounter might develop into a frequent occurrence.  

The conversation of the evening turned to music (ah one of my favourite subjects) and we talked about the types of songs that people and better song choices.  Simon mentioned Natural high by Bloodstone as a song to listen to - because of the smooth lead vocal, generally the way the song is put together (that's when we started talking about song writing).

The wailing guitar in the introduction is accented by the chimes before the bassline signals the snare leading in the vocals.  The song belongs to that category of not necessarily unrequited love songs (because it would mean that the object of your affection would know that you love them but choose not to reciprocate, but might string you along so that you could do what they wanted), but more that the object of your affection doesn't even know you exist.  

If you have anything to do
Call me and I will do it for you
And I don't even know you

If I only had one wish to give
That wish would be for you
To live forever and ever
When I see you on the street
My heart skips a beat

There is a shift in the lyrics where the singer makes promises about what they would like to do, to gain your favour, to be in with a chance to be loved in return.  The electric guitar solo during the musical interlude has some textural support from the horns and strings before the vocal re-enters. The tempo change at the end of the song gives some rhythmic variety before the bongos and bass draw everything to a close.  There's something about hearing bongos in the song that is symbolic of r'n'b and pop music of this era.

And I'll take to the sky on a natural high 
(I want to take to the sky)
Loving you more till the day that I die
(on a natural high)
Take to the sky on a natural high
(Loving you more and I don't know you)
Loving you more. . . 

I hope that if you're in the market (you know, ready to put yourself out there) to be in a relationship, or you have somebody in mind that it might pay to disclose how you feel.  You might have instances in your life where you have been the subject of unwanted love or affection - how did you deal with it?  If you have "the feels" for somebody, sometimes it's better to know if the feelings are reciprocated, or stay on your natural high and keep it to yourself. . .  because feelings can change as the seasons do. . .  so be sure I guess, if that's what you want to do. . .