Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Moonlighting. . .

Al Jarreau's smooth silky tones are definitely responsible for the success of this TV theme being a firm favourite of people I've spoken to, who also grew up with the show.  Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis played the lead roles in the TV series Moonlighting.  Despite all of the production difficulties that plagued the TV series because of casting issues with Bruce Willis, production costs and the whim of the director, the show was quite a unique show in its time.  However, you could be forgiven for comparing it to Remington Steele, where a similar dynamic of a woman (cue damsel in distress) needing a man to step in to give her some security and independence (so you need a man to be independent?).

Don't you change. . . 

Some walk by night
Some fly by day
Nothing could change you
Set and sure of the way

Charming and bright
Laughing and gay
I'm just a stranger
Like the Blues and the Braves

The above verses help to establish some sort of scene that corresponds with the characters of the popular TV series.  The first verse or at least the lyrical structure reappears in the later stages of the song but there is a subtle shift.  The shift reminded me of a few things that +Nigel Latta raised around moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.  It's definitely something that I've come to learn more about myself, that connections with people are extremely important and that on some level - I will have short intense connections with people for a brief period of time because there is something that interacting with them is supposed to produce - some life lesson or skill that I need to learn for the next phase of my life journey.  It has probably taken me about 5-6 years to realise in retrospect, that that was what I was doing.  The flurry of activity and the infinite number of people that have crossed my lifepath so far has been too many to mention.  There have been many who left imprints of themselves on me ranging to those who I've chosen to ignore and push away.

There is the sky and moon
They sing their own sweet tune
Watch them when dawn is due
Sharing one space

Some walk by night
Some fly by day
Something is sweeter
When you meet along the way

(Instrumental interlude)

The instrumental interlude hits at just the right moment in the song.
It allows me time to think about and explore how sweet that time was when I met that person/those people along the way - the effect they had on me, the effect I allowed them to have that would have affected me.  I think about how they knew to affect me in that way - was it predestined?  Was it by pure chance or by design?  And if it was by design - whose design was it?  Deep down I know the answers to those questions, but it doesn't to ask them again quite starkly like that, it might be something useful for you if you're one to not be in the habit of asking yourself some critical questions to make sense of what your lifepath attracts and emits.

So come walk the night
Come fly by day
Something is sweeter 
Cos we met along the way

We'll walk by night
We'll fly by day
Moonlighting strangers
Who just met on the way
Who just met on the way
Who just met on the way. . . 

As painful as it is when you feel betrayed by certain individuals who may have broken your trust, forced you to spill too much, definitely way more than what you were expecting to give - notch that all up to life lessons that needed to be learned and move on.

I hope that you will meet many moonlighting strangers along the way.
They may be exactly what you need at that exact moment in time that you need them.

I hope one day that I might get to meet you.
Then together we'll walk by night, we'll fly by day. . .