Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Life is a song worth singing. . .

This blog post is dedicated to +Natalie Faitala 

Next week our organisation is going on a retreat.  It's a great opportunity to meet all of the new staff, to bond with everyone from all over the country and get a sense of moving forward, together as a family.  One of the cool things about getting together in this way, is that there is of course the obligatory themed night that happens.  Apparently, one of those nights is 70s themed - disco night.  So in the spirit of preparing myself mentally (and physically, gotta find a damn costume!) I decided to focus on Teddy Pendergrass and his super motivational track Life is a song worth singing. 

Life is a song worth singing
Why don't you sing it?
Life is a song worth singing
Why don't you sing it?

You hold the key in the palm of your hand, use it
Don't blame your life on the master plan, change it

I guess the message I have for today is for all of the haters out there.
My friends (and I'm sure you have friends who say this too, you might even say it yourself, heck even me too), we all know - everybody knows someone who secretly hates on them and their achievements, hates on them because of who they are, what they can do, sometimes there is no legitimate reason.  The haters can hail from a range of places - whether they are family members, co-workers, acquaintances or strangers that troll the comment sections of news stories all ready to give their five cents worth of insults to fellow churchgoers, people that you socialise with at your local sports club, that guy that stole your carpark just as you were about to parallel park, or even that lady who takes the last free muffin at morning tea.  Where do these haters get off?  Why are they in our lives?  Why aren't they happy people?  And if their lives are miserable, why are they spending so much time and energy trying to replicate the process with your life?  Have they nothing else better to do?  I mean seriously??? 

Only you generate the power
To decide what to do with your life
You're a fool if you think you're helpless
You control what you do with your life

Don't like the way you're living, too bad
Can't change your life 'cause it's out of your hand, so sad

Questions marks aside, the only thing I can share with you my friends (and even the haters too, cos I know you're reading this but won't comment, share, like or retweet). everybody has the power to change their life.  Whether they decide to get up off their backsides and go hustle a life of their own and do something constructive with your life rather than ruin other people's - that would be really awesome (no sarcasm implied).  We could stop feeling helpless about our situations and put some goals in place to counter the negative strikes that people make towards us and just focus on "yourself".  The more that you focus on you, your happiness, your career, your family, anything that is remotely connected to you - the less time you have to focus on other people, like your chorus of haters who publicly say hi to your face and wave at you with a fake smile while in the same breath muttering and calling your names, yet still within earshot (and most likely with foul smelling breath, oh the stench).

So you sit on your pants and holler
'Cause the world ain't been treating you right
Don't you know you contain the power
To control destiny with your mind

I hope that my friends reading this have been able to have a little chuckle at my far-fetched comparisons and references to ridiculous examples of haters.  I hope you had a little dance to this song while reading this blog post.  I know I did some shoulder dancing while I was writing this.

This is the thing isn't it though really - upon further reflection, I've decided, we should be lucky if we have haters.  They exist solely to let us know - that we're doing something right.  Their job is to ensure that we will always be the topic of envy, we will always be the topic of conversation and we will always feature in every secret email that is bandied about the office but will eventually find its way inadvertently to your inbox (happened to me a long time ago, true story, those people are now no longer my friends, but probably feature quite strongly in the trenches of the hater camp).  

I hope that the haters reading this will consider a change of career.  The thing about being a hater is that it's a voluntary position - everybody knows that, it's unpaid work and it's a complete waste of time.  You'd be better off working on your skills and trying to be good at something (other than hating) to really make a go of your own life and being proud to look in the mirror and shucks, maybe even one day, you would become a friend instead. . . 

Moral of the story: You're better off being a friend,  cos I laugh in the faces of haters. . .