Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Home again. . .

This blog post is dedicated to people who are trying to get back home again

Elton John gives a total performance from beginning to end in Home Again. 
As a pianist, I enjoy listening to the touch of his hands on the piano, it's something that all pianists listen to when they hear a pianist play.  You can tell a lot about a person's technique and style of playing by the way they touch the piano.  You can tell even more by how they interact with the keys when they sing with the piano.  I've never been a fan of pianists that play too much ornamentation that detracts from the melody and provides no balance to the piece.  For me it's all about the dynamics, rather than the bass.

I'm counting on a memory to get me out of here
I'm waiting for the fog around this spooky little town to clear
All this time I've spent being someone else's friend
Just for one more time, for old time's sake I'd like to go back home again

Do you find yourself awaking from your reverie?  That dream-filled sleep where you thought the life you were living was exactly what you set out to live - but now understand, you must now set out to leave and go home again?  It can be a gradual realisation to come to this conclusion and I understand, it must not have been an easy one to make.  I often wonder if that might happen to me someday, when I am so far from home that I suddenly snap out of the perfect life that was actually a mirage.  Would I have the strength to go home again?  Even I returned home, what would I find and who would greet me?

The world had seven wonders once upon a time
It's sure enough the favored nations aided their decline
And all around me I've seen times like it was back when
But like back then, I'd say amen if I could get back again

There are some instances where the past is a good thing.  Where we tend to look at the situations of the now as being so far removed from the perceived simplicity and beauty of our past, that we spend our time reminiscing so much about the good 'ole days.  If the world no longer has these seven wonders - why is that?  What happened to cause the decline of the greatest wonders that we were meant to enjoy for eternity?  Does this mean that things don't last forever after all?  Even objects as significant as the seven wonders?

Could have been a jailbreak and spotlight hitting me
Or was I just some nightclub singer, back in 1963
In the old part of Valencia, on the coast of Spain
Never tiring once of hearing songs about going home again

Ah the memories of songs that remind you of home.  When you hear those songs, does it make you want to return home?  When I'm away from home, I often hear songs that make me think about how much I miss home and the people in it.  Beyond the home and the people in it, my mind wanders above the home and stretches across the ocean to another home where my ancestors come from and more songs rise up to meet my mind wandering in the night sky, as if to meet the stars of my ancestors who patrol the darkness that I look up into.  And above that sky, I think about another home that I hope to live in one day and rejoin those people that have gone before me, my loved ones whose memories I keep locked in my heart and in my mind, and how I take out and think about, play back movies in my mind's eye and smile about when nobody is watching.  This is why I never tire once of hearing songs about going home again.  I have so many homes to choose from. . .  

If I could go back home, if I could go back home
If I'd never left, I'd never have known
We all dream of leaving, but wind up in the end
Spending all our time trying to get back home again. . .  

I hope that one day, you will be brave and come home.
I hope that one day you will come home before it is too late and find nobody there to greet you.
I hope that one day you will realise that the home that you were so quick to leave, has been the place you have been searching for the whole time.

Come home again. . .