Sunday, 15 February 2015

Everything must change. . .

This blog post is dedicated to +Monique Simpson 

Bebe Winans hails from a gospel-strong family, The Winans.  He has recorded as Bebe and Cece Winans singing with his sister Cece Winans, and together with his brothers Marvin and Ron as The Winan Family.  To me, this family is to gospel music, what the Jacksons are to MoTown.  I first became acquainted with the silky tones of Bebe when he featured in a duet with British girl group Eternal on the track I wanna be the only one.  

Everything must change
Nothing stays the same
Everyone will change
Noone stays the same

I've talked about change in previous blog posts and one thing about change is that it's constant, it will always happen and we are all affected by it.  The more I think about how we strive to learn more about ourselves, by either learning about others or giving more of ourselves to others - this all impacts on the change that we go through in our lives, that connect the fabric of our lives by connecting the shared experiences, observing from afar alien experiences that we can never fathom or become so engrossed in close-to-home experiences that threaten to consume us and not allow change to help us grow.  I guess it depends on how you see change.  Do you need to change?  Do others need to change?  Does your situation need to change?  Do you need to stay the same?  Why aren't things the same anymore?

The young become the old
And mysteries do unfold oh yes
For that's the way of time
Nothing and noone goes unchanged

The use of the word change in this verse speaks about transition of ages - when you are no longer young and need to leave youthful ways of thinking (that actually show your innocent or naive age), to join the hallowed halls of responsibilities, maturity and good ol' fashioned seriousness or severity.  The fear of the unknown can make us reluctant to embrace change.  There is comfort in knowing exactly what to expect, just as you do when you order confidently from a menu in a restaurant - you rely on an accurate description of the meal to tempt your tastebuds and prompt your selection.  So if we are unable to escape time, unable to escape change - whether it will be the change that we don't want but need, or the kind of change that we don't need but want, or even some loose change that you find in the least familiar places - how will you be able to interact with change?

There are not many things in life
You can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights the sky
And hummingbirds do fly

Knowing where you stand in amongst all of this change that is going on - will definitely stand you in good stead.  The references to all of the natural elements and surroundings, creatures of nature signals to me that it may even be things that are not man-made, these are the things that you can rely upon, these are the surest of things, the things that you will know.

Winter turns to spring
A wounded heart will heal
But never much too soon
Yes everything must change

I hope that if you are struggling to deal with change, that you can rest assured in time that once the emptiness and the ache that seems to never diminish, will develop new areas of growth that show new signs of life, because to me - change means an opportunity for you to grow into the person that you want to be, it's an opportunity for you to learn about the private you that has never seen the light of the day that the public you frequents.  I hope that you emerge from your endless winter and dance among the meadows of brightly coloured and sweetly smelling flowers of springtime.

And music makes me cry. . .  everything must change, but it doesn't mean I need to take myself out of my own life.  So wipe those tears, recognise that even though music makes you cry, it can also make you . . whole again :-)