Friday, 6 February 2015

Champagne life. . .

The following blog post is a song request from Jhon Lokeni 

I first fell in love with Ne-Yo when I got my first big job as Head of Music at a high school, when he burst into my world with his r'n'b hits Sexy Love and So Sick.  In my opinion he is probably one of the most under-rated artists of his generation - there are other artists more popular than him - but I prefer his prolific song writing skills, artistry and the way he interprets his lyrics in his songs.  Ne-Yo has been writing and recording since 2000, with his own record deal falling through around that time while still writing for other artists.  In 2004 he wrote a few hits performed by other artists that helped to launch their careers - like Mario and his Let me love you, and worked on other material for artists such as Mary J Blige, Musiq Soulchild, B2K and Faith Evans.  But it was debut album that was finally released through Def Jam that finally saw Ne-Yo receive the mainstream recognition that he deserved.

Yes it was a beautiful day
It's gone be a beautiful night
Break out the champagne
Everybody get a glass
Let's start it off sexy
What do you say?

I think it's important to feel a level of confidence in yourself that makes you happy.
I've always told people there's a fine line between being confident and being cocky.  I guess it depends on who you're with and how they can shape the interactions that you're having - whether they feel comfortable being around you, if you feel comfortable being around them, and how the beautiful day will transition into a beautiful night.

Got an addiction for life and this living
Like everyday's my birthday, know what I'm getting
And reserved for top notch that's where I'm sitting. . . 

Living everyday like it's your birthday means that you find joy in living your life as YOU.
Think about all of the previous birthdays that you've had.  Some people might say that they don't celebrate their birthdays or don't make an occasion of it because their parents or caregivers didn't make it a priority.  I had one friend that I worked with who made birthdays a big deal and I didn't really understand her fixation on it until she said to me once, "Birthdays are important because people need to celebrate how much you mean to them.  Because you live in their lives, you are born into their lives, in whatever connection you've made and that's something worth celebrating."

Got penthouse property on cloud nine (oh)
I've got the sun jealous 'cause the way I shine (oh)
And reserved for time 'cause that's how I do mine
Nice meal and a good wine, definition of a good time. . .

Definitely the finer things in life - and this is of course subject to what people define as the finer things, fine wine, fine dining, the most expensive of everything that is considered fine normally springs to mind.  Having the capital to spend on everything that is considered fine, including penthouse property, because the emphasis is on (well for me anyway) not about having the finer things in life, but being able to have access to the best things that you deserve.  Particularly if you've earned it.  But I think Ne-Yo is talking specifically in this song about having that champagne life, much like the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous that Robin Leach hosted in the 90s.

We don't even clap the same when we're living that champagne life
(Uh uh) Sexier than a regular clap. . . 

I hope that you find more opportunities or at least build towards, the makings of your very own champagne life - whatever that looks like.  I hope that you find more opportunities to have more sexier claps that regular claps. . .  it's definitely made me think about how you can extend or heighten what we take for granted as being quite simple, mundane and taking it to another level.
I've got the sun jealous 'cause the way I shine (oh). . .