Saturday, 17 January 2015

Blackberry molasses. . .

This blog post is dedicated to +Joy Vaele

Blackberry Molasses by Mista was released in 1996.  I hadn't heard much about their music up to this point but really loved this single.  The r'n'b group from Atlanta GA did not release many albums (two I believe) and were not together for a long time.  

Woke up Sunday morning
Gotta little bad news today
They say my life ain't worth living
And time is slowly ticking away

I would hate to get that kind of news.  What could be so bad, that it would mean that you life isn't worth living?  Did you do something that would warrant your life being meaningless, that it would've been better if you weren't alive?  Who would say anything like that anyway?  Does time tick slowly because you're trying to process this bad news and the suggestion that you would be better off dead?
That's a bit extreme I know, but it made me wonder. . . does time tick slowly because time is slowly running out and then the inevitable will happen?

Don't tell me how to live my life
After all that we've been through
Don't wanna live out your hardships
'Cause I've been there myself a time or two

Sometimes we get that sinking feeling when we are destined to pick up the slack of a sibling.
Not that I would condone a Cain and Able scenario to help a situation (murder is not an option).
Why would you take on board other people's hardships?  When someone has a chip on their shoulder and then tries to birth that chip (or tries to land it squarely on your own shoulder - run a mile).

Still life goes on if you just keep holdin' on
So many things to survive won't you realise
There's no such place as paradise
At least in my eyes

Well I disagree with this verse.
At least only about the third line.
There is such a place as paradise.  We're not living it right now, but we can definitely try to make ourselves happy and try to have as much as joy as possible.  I want to be more than a survivor, a victim of circumstance.  From a very young age, I've been sick of being trying to define me and tell me who I am, particularly people who don't me.  Although it would be tiring going through your entire life trying to connect with everyone you ever walked past - to try and convince them who you are, show them who you are and tell them who you are - what would be the purpose of that?  Taken out of context, you would just look like some mad person roaming the streets, like some fanatic person standing on a street corner talking about the 'end of days' and being that street prophet that just also happens to ask for loose change, almost as if you're paying to hear their rambling.  But hey, they have stories too.

Blackberry molasses
One of the things that never change
You gotta keep pushin' on
The sun don't rain all the time
There's gonna be some heartache and pain. . . 

Even though there will be heartache and pain, it is what you choose to do afterwards to heal your heart and ease your pain that will be a testament to your character.  Life will throw some real hard and fast curveballs at you, so you must upskill and know how to anticipate what life throws at you as much as humanly possible (note the emphasis on 'humanly' as only super beings could really anticipate what life lies ahead).

I hope that you keep pushin' on and even when the sun don't rain all the time, that you can dig deep within yourself and find your inner strength.  I hope that you find the paradise that you seek so diligently when you need it.  But live your best life first . . .